Movin’ On Up…

Brian CantrellMany of the managers at Odyssey started out supporting one of our customers as a direct employee. Brian Cantrell, Senior Manager in the Aviation Group, is no exception. Brian joined Odyssey in June of 2020 and he was promoted to Senior Manager within the Aviation group in December of 2022 where he now manages seven contracts and has oversight of over eighty subcontractor employees.

Becoming a manager helped Brian to better understand the role his prior managers held as it was not always evident to him when he was working on site with our customers. The work managers do to manage the contracts is not always visible but very impactful to all of us in the organization. Below are some insights Brian has shared with us related to his role at Odyssey.

What was your first role at Odyssey?
I was a Logistic SME on the MATAC (D0130) contract providing sustainment support to the KC-46 Test & Evaluation IPT.

What inspired you to want to become a manager at Odyssey? 
Leveraging leadership skills from my service in the Air Force, I had a desire to impact our organization on a larger scale. I am always looking for ways to sharpen my self-development as well as an innate ability to help other achieve their desired goals through collaboration, mentorship, and fostering their strong skillset so we reach our full potential together.

What is the most inspiring part of your job as a manager for Odyssey?  
Challenge and Growth, Professional Development, and Organizational Influence.

Who mentored you and inspired you to grow into your current role? 
I have been fortunate to have worked directly with some incredible leaders. From CMSAF#15 (Rodney McKinely) to the current AFMC Commander (Gen Duke Richardson—previously PEO Tanker Directorate), many in my career have had positive influences such as “lead from the front, blossom where you are planted, and give 100% everyday” among many others.

What attributes did this person display to make you want to become a manager? 
Integrity, Courage, Empathy, Trust; they were effective communicators and each leader empowered me to take ownership of my work while providing me support and resources to be successful. I was recognized and rewarded when things went well and held accountable when I fell short.

What is your definition of an inspiring leader?
An inspiring leader is an authentic figure full of optimism, humility, and confidence; who’s visionary with an ability to consider new ideas.

What advice would you give to someone at Odyssey if they want to move into a management role?
Listen more than you speak. Communicate effectively and clarify expectations. Lead by example—everyone can empty the trash. Empower your people—encourage them to work and make decisions autonomously. Delegate wisely. Trust but verify. Have a mission first, people always approach.

Above all, don’t take yourself too seriously.

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