CDS Emulation and Filter

Streamlining for Data Schemas Testing

The EMUX data forwarder and filter is a product of our extensive experience in developing Multi-Level Security (MLS) systems. The EMUX represents a significant advancement in the industry, streamlining the testing of data schemas while providing a direct route to National Security Agency (NSA) approval through National Cross-Domain Strategy and Management Office (NCDSMO) processes.

This innovation reduces the requirement for extensive infrastructure for prototyping and testing in an NCDSMO isolated integration facility.

EMUX Features:

monitor stand
  • Commercially Deployable: For applications not requiring an NSA-approved solution
  • Streamlined Integration Process: Simplifies multi-domain guard integration
  • Facilitates Data Schema Testing: EMUX enables easy testing of data schemas
  • Rapid Deployment: Significantly cuts down on time to incorporate both standard and novel data types for swift and efficient guard development and deployment
  • Smooth Path to NSA Approval: Offers a direct and efficient route to NSA approval within an NCDSMO-approved Software-in-the-Loop (SIL)
  • Minimizes Infrastructure Needs: Reduces the necessity for extensive prototyping and testing infrastructure
  • Sets New Standards: Establishes a new benchmark for multi-domain solution development efficiency and ease-of-use

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