Multi-INT Awareness, Command and Control

Real-Time Awareness with Low-Latency Command and Control

MIC2 displays all operations and intelligence information on a single intuitive screen with direct command and control of platforms, payloads, and sensors through a common web browser from anywhere across the globe.

Seamlessly coordinate and collaborate around single or multi-mission operations with ease.

MIC2 Features:

monitor stand
  • Large-scale data analysis employing a database derived from Lucene, circumventing the expensive licensing fees associated with Splunk and ELK
  • Native support for common operations and intelligence data types
  • Toggle between real-time and historic views
  • Geospatial visualization and analysis
  • Personnel, aircraft, vehicles, and asset tracking
  • Platform, payload, and sensor command and control
  • Rules-based watch-boxes, tripwires, and watchlists
  • Full-resolution archive and playback
  • Cross-team, cross-disciplined collaboration, and sharing tools
  • Mobile app and device support

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