CivSec GuardianX

DoD-caliber Multi-Level Security

The Next Generation in Accessible High-Security Data Management for the Civilian and Commercial Sectors

Once the exclusive domain of the highest echelons of government, the CivSec GuardianX, an advanced Multi-Level Security (MLS) system, was engineered to democratize Department of Defense (DoD)-level security. Today, businesses and non-governmental organizations can leverage the same caliber of data protection and transfer technology that the DoD relies on at a fraction of the cost and time to deployment.

CivSec Guardian X Features:

monitor stand
  • Rigorous Schema Validation: Ensures every piece of data adheres to strict structural standards for integrity and compliance
  • Swift Integration with Proprietary Data Formats: Quickly adapts to proprietary data formats for immediate deployment and utility
  • Data Transfer Capabilities: Facilitates file-based and near-real-time data streaming, ensuring versatility in data handling
  • Multi-Level Security Domains: Designed to operate across varied security levels, offering flexible deployment scenarios
  • Physical Network Segmentation: Enhanced security through physically isolated network segments reduces vulnerabilities
  • Assured Data Integrity: This guarantees that data remains true to its intended form, providing confidence in its validity
  • Adaptive Transfer Solutions: Adapts to a wide range of data transfer requirements, from secure file exchanges to live data feeds
  • Cost-Efficiency: Compared to other competitors, CivSec GuardianX offers advanced security features at a competitive price
  • Beyond Compliance: CivSec GuardianX exceeds standard government security protocols, delivering unparalleled and secure solutions

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