Technical Center

Technical Center

In early 2020, Odyssey leadership identified a need for a technically-focused group, or Technical Center, to organize our technical capabilities to allow us to better respond to our customer’s needs. Additionally, the Technical Center is responsible for enhancing broadening innovative thought and collaboration across Odyssey by bringing together functional experts and forward-thinking individuals. These experts, the Argonauts, are a cross-domain (Air, Space, Cyber), cross-functional (Special Operations Forces (SOF), Engineering, Program Management, Cybersecurity, Test and Evaluation (T&E), Acquisition Logistics, and Medical) group of the best and brightest Odyssey employees.

Dustin HicksLed by Dustin Hicks, the group is challenged to solve hard problems faced by the DoD, our other customers, and internal to Odyssey. The group places an emphasis on innovation to include ideas, processes, and technology. The Argonaut team includes active duty military members from the Joint Staff Innovation Group (JSIG)/J8 and past members of the JSIG that are recent graduates of Army War College and National Defense University.

Our Current Focus:

Odyssey’s Argonaut initiative launches into its second year, continuing to build the team and extend our footprint and reputation across the Company and the DoD.

  • Shifting focus from our 2021 efforts in Digital Engineering (DE) and Artificial Intelligence, the Argonauts now train their thoughts towards the integration of commercial space domain awareness data into DoD processes.
  • The Argonaut team will also explore innovations in clinical monitoring and the feasibility of an Odyssey-organic medical data center.
  • Another interesting topic on the Argonaut 2022 agenda will be obtaining a better understanding of algorithmic warfare and the associated threats.
  • Lastly, the team will leverage our 2021 work in DE to begin developing a framework for transitioning into a full DE environment and a complimentary DE strategy.


A New Medical / C5ISR Data Science Collaboration

June 6, 2022

A new collaboration between Odyssey’s medical community and our C5ISR community’s data scientist is on the fast track. Dr. Robert McLinden and Scott Schelp have recently conducted a deep dive into the requirements to house government data (e.g., Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FEDRAMP) etc.).

Dr. McLinden has provided deep insights into the clinical monitoring and human drug trials world. With this information, Mr. Schelp is assisting in defining what is possible from a data science perspective. As the collaboration has grown, Dr. McLinden and Mr. Schelp are currently in a transition between the investigation and planning phase where they are currently flushing out the backbone of services Odyssey could offer that would be very attractive to potential customers. More to follow on this very promising cross functional collaboration, a first of its kind between Odyssey’s Medical Group and its C5ISR Group.