Joint Ventures

Odyssey Joint Ventures (JV) allow Odyssey and other business partners to pool resources for the purpose of accomplishing specific tasks.


ESTA-ODY LogoOdyssey, in a Mentor-Protege with ESTA Corp. (ESTA-ODY), delivers a unique and proven capability to DoD Aircraft in Acquisition and Sustainment.

By successfully leveraging the full functionality of Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, and a long history of direct hands-on experience, ESTA-ODY enhances efficiency through increased Product Data and Support integration. Through developing the capability to operate in a 3D Environment to realize increased Fleet readiness and reduced maintenance costs, ESTA-ODY enables the NAVAIR vision to operate in a fully integrated configuration management, across the complete Enterprise, via a Teamcenter PLM integration platform for acquisition and sustainment initiatives. For more information, visit


venture CDS LogoVentureCDS is a Joint Venture formed between Odyssey Systems and The MIL Corporation to directly address long-standing and emerging security needs across the defense, intelligence and security communities.

Current Cross Domain Security solutions cannot keep pace with today’s ever-changing world yet updating these systems often mandates a time-consuming and costly re-accreditation process.

VentureCDS was recently awarded a 5-year Other Transactional Authority (OTA) contract award to design, develop, accredit and deploy innovative cross domain solutions and technologies. Our Flexible Cross Domain (FXD) Program team is currently developing Tactical and Enterprise Cross Domain/Multi-Level Security solutions that will deliver an unprecedented flexibility to adapt to our customers dynamic requirements without “breaking” their accreditation.