Monthly Status Report (MSR) Portal

Automated Program Status and Activity Reporting

The MSR-Flo Portal offers automated tracking and consolidated reporting for your entire defense portfolio. Eliminate cumbersome and inefficient email and document-based reporting methods. Provide your program managers with immediate visibility of all status tracking and accelerate the collection and delivery of your MSR reports to your customers.

MSR-Flo centralizes the collection, review, approval, and submission of all MSR inputs and offers standardized and organization-defined report templates.

MSR-Flo Features:

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  • MSR Creation: Build your own unique report structures, or format or clone an existing report
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Enabled: Leverage the SSO capability for a streamlined user experience and enhanced security
  • MSR Dashboard: Leverage the dashboard to quickly visualize the status of all MSRs and monitor user engagement
  • Track MSR Responses: Receive immediate feedback for every assigned MSR section to maintain complete awareness of report maturity
  • Review and Approval Workflow: The built-in review and approval capability ensures the captured content is always ready for the final report prior to submission
  • Role Based Security: Tailor the user experience based on your organization’s defined roles and structure, ensuring users are limited to only the access that is required

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