CDS Rapid-Development and Test Environment

Streaming and File Hosting Services for Simulation

CRATE provides an innovative segue into the National Cross Domain Strategy and Management Office (NCDSMO) compliant environment, allowing engineering teams to concentrate on their technology rather than struggle with their infrastructure, while reducing delivery time and expenses.

CRATE streaming and file hosting services for simulation purposes are designed for Department of Defense (DoD) Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) and NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) compliance.

CRATE Features:

monitor stand
  • Odyssey-hosted, secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • UNCLASS, Emulated Cross-Domain Environment (does not fall under National Security Agency (NSA) requirements)
  • Seamless migration into Odyssey locally hosted NCDSMO Software-in-the-Loop (SIL)
  • Firewalled customer-specific development partitions
  • Extension to classified dev-deploy under NSA Review, pending approval
  • Encrypted Remote Connections
  • Development, testing, and productivity tools

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