Odyssey Employee Achievements

C5ISR Group BadgeAviation group


C-130JKiley Combs supports the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Contract at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, providing cybersecurity support. Due to her outstanding efforts Kiley was recently promoted from a Journeyman Cybersecurity Manager to Senior Cybersecurity Manager. Kiley supports the HC / MC-130J Recapitalization program that is modernizing the fleet of Special Operations C-130s.

The following individuals have taken on new responsibilities as Task Leads for their respective organizations:

Matt Wheeler—Matt supports the Propulsion Directorate (AFLCMC/LPA) at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, and is the Task Lead for our Functionals Contract.

Al Toler—Al supports the Automatic Test Station Program and is the Task Lead for all operations at Robins AFB, GA, with the Agile Combat Support Directorate (AFLCMC/WN).

Jessica “Remi” Clark—Remi supports the Armament Directorate (AFLCMC/EB) at Eglin AFB, FL, and is the Task Lead for our Armament Contract.

George Coppock—George supports the KC-46 Program at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, and is the Task Lead for our Mobility Contract.


The following Aviation Group team members were recognized for outstanding support to their respective organizations:


Brett O’Halloran, Program Management
Justin Franklin, Logistics
Bobby Riojas, Program Management
Tom Verni, Program Management
Joel Heidlage, Security
Wanda Solomon, Logistics
Josh Dunny, Security
Elan Smith, Engineering
Rey Febo, Engineering
Kiley Combs, Cybersecurity
Rich Shoaf, Cybersecurity
Ted Rajala, Program Management

Functionals (Eglin AFB, FL)

Matt Sturos, IT/Network Admin

Mobility (WPAFB, OH)

Jordan Lealos, Engineering
Yvonne Wright, Administrative Support
Michael Back, Logistics
Roshel Aminov, Engineering
Brian Woodyear, Logistics
Brian Smith, Engineering
Ernie Carrillo, Logistics

EB Armament (Eglin AFB, FL)

William Mothersell, Logistics
Remi Clark, Program Management
Greg Smith, Logistics
Donna Whitney, Program Management
Terrance McKeeby, IT/Network Admin
Tim Voruz, Program Management
Ron Huzzard, Engineering
Patrick LeMieux, Engineering

F-35 JPO (Crystal City, VA)

Brian Stenberg, Program Management

Crosscutter (WPAFB, OH)

Mo Martinez, Logistics
Dean Jones, Analyst
Ariella Brown, Action Officer

Agile Combat Support (Robins AFB, GA and WPAFB, OH)

Gilcrest Bailey, Program Management
Lavaughn Jackson, Logistics
Stephanie Kanistros, Program Management

The following team members were recognized by their Robins AFB customer for support in receiving the 4th Quarter Small Team Armament Excellence Award:

Vicki Wilson, Logistics
Marcy Gombkoto, Logistics
Matt Song, Logistics
Lee Quarles, Program Management

WIS team of the. year logoThe following team members were recognized by our Special Operations Forces (SOF) customer the as part of the Special Warfare Technical Integration Support Center (TISC) team that was awarded the WIS Small Team of the Year for 2023:

Gene Brandon, Engineering
Bobby Riojas, Program Management
Kevin Savage, Engineering

We would also like to congratulate our 2023 Core Values Award Winner,Don Stevens, Special Warfare SME.

C5ISR Group BadgeC5ISR group

Due to the stellar work of all our employees, it’s not surprising that the C5ISR Group has had numerous recent awards.

Our Theater Battle Control Division (HBD) won the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s (AFLCMC) Outstanding Program Office Award for 2023! Amazing accomplishment and Odyssey is thrilled to be a part of the team. Congratulations to Judy Ryan and her fantastic team of professionals. They now compete at the Air Force Material Command level.

In a team of superstars, one stands out this period. Dan Craig, part of our 3DELRR program team under HBD, won the 2023 AFCEA Unsung Hero Award. He was recognized at the AFCEA Gala on 6 December in a very large gathering of his peers. Truly an amazing accomplishment.

Judy RyanContinuing with HBD (It’s the place to be!), they also recently held division awards and Judy Ryan recognized her outstanding performers with a large bag of Cracker Jacks. It was such a hit that it sounds like it will be enshrined as a permanent feature.

box of crackerjacksThe recent Odyssey winners were:

Amy Connell—Executive Administrative Support to HBD PEG / FOG SML & Deputy. Col Alexander said, “Amy sets the bar with her tireless initiative and an unsurpassed conscientiousness. We are very thankful to have Amy as an integral member of the FOG. Within a short period of time, she has made a huge impact on the division’s operations.”

Jim Ragan—Project Scheduler to HBDD Over the Horizon Radar Program. Ms. Renee Little noted that, ”Jim is an absolute superstar!”

Medical Group BadgeMedical Group

Becca SpoonerRebecca (Becca) Spooner, NMCP
Becca Spooner was nominated by the government for the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) Customer Service Award for her proactive interactions with customers in pursuing customer service excellence, the ability to perform effectively in customer inquiries / concern resolution, for conducting departmental training on customer service practices, and for exemplifying professionalism and dedication to nmcp awardService Excellence by putting forth extra effort. Odyssey is extremely grateful for Becca’s continued support. Additionally, she has received three Protocol Compliance Awards from the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Institutional Review Board (IRB) at the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) for exceeding ethical research standards while contributing noteworthy advancements in Naval medical knowledge.

Dr. Shelby Foor and William Harrison, WRAIR
As part of the Structural Vaccinology group within the Biologics Research and Development Branch at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), Dr. Foor and William have provided critical support in the development of their Virus Like Particle (VLP) platform, especially with respect to the preparations necessary for scaling up the production process under cGMP.

Dr Foor and W HarrisonCaitlin Figiel, WRAIR
On September 6th, Caitlin hosted the Semi-annual IACUC/FIPR Inspection and BTN passed with only seven minor deficiencies. Her leadership played a key role in the successful inspection. In recognition of her efforts, she received an Honor Coin Award at the BTN staff meeting from the Center for Military Psychiatry and Neuroscience (CMPN) Director, Col. Scott Williams.

Gaye Jordan, NHRC
Gaye has been a continuous performer in assisting the simplified contract purchase team throughout the past year. There have been numerous times where she has stepped up to assist on new tasks while maintaining her current workload without skipping a beat. She is able to work effectively with Lori Huston to maintain an excellent level of support that has received kudos from the NHRC Contracting Officer and COR for her continued support.

Lori L. Huston, NHRC
Lori continues to be an exemplary employee that takes things for action without being asked. She assists the simplified contract purchase team and works closely with Gaye Jordan to ensure their work is done at the highest level. Her expert knowledge allows her to complete daily tasks and while taking on new work with very little oversight from the Task Lead or Government customer. She works with Gaye to implement SOP’s for their own process, brings up issues with contracts to the vendors, and works closely with the NHRC Contracting Officer to remedy any issues. She has received many kudos from the COR and Contracting Officer over the past year.

Daniel C. Bickford, NHRC
Dan has continued to be a top performer and shows up consistently day in and day out. He quickly and efficiently performs his daily tasks and is always able to meet deadlines. His excellent customer support and follow through allows him to stay ahead of the game and surpass the customer expectations. He takes a hands-on approach and works very closely with our Fiscal department to ensure proper funding coordination for his contracts. He also processes many simplified contract purchase invoices each month in support of the NHRC SAP team, making him one of the few people that is able to assist with both large and simplified contracts consistently.

Jenny Eidman, NHRC
Jenny continues to work hard and display her excellent customer service and follow through. She does a fantastic job of catching errors on many invoices and following up with the vendors to ensure they are fixed. She is knowledgeable in many areas and asks great questions when she doesn’t, showing that she is eager to learn and grow. She has assisted with many new requirements over the past year while staying on top of her current workload.

Michael Pollnow, NHRC
As a Task Lead and Sr. Acquisition Specialist, Mike provides support to the NHRC mission through management of the acquisitions of products and services required by the end user. He completes actions in accordance with regulatory guidance from purchase requests to contract award, administration, and closeout. He ensures that the Acquisition team provides the best customer service to NHRC’s research departments by verifying all of the requirements are met throughout each step of the process. As a Task Lead, Mike is highly regarded by his direct reports and always goes above and beyond to help when solicited. Mike takes a lot of pride in his team’s success and helps guide them from onboarding through the lifecycle of the contract. He is professional, respectful and fair in his management style and cares deeply about the accomplishments of his team.

Roderick Mogote, NHRC
Rod has proven he is a capable performer shortly after he joined this team in February 2023. He quickly learned his daily tasks and roles and took them for action without much oversight. He is eager to learn and take on new work in any way that will help the team overall and does it swiftly and efficiently. His outstanding efforts have garnered him many kudos from the COR and ACOR, which exemplifies his commitment to provide excellent customer service and support.

LulyLourdes (Luly) Clarkson, NHRC
Luly has been a staple for our team and continues to provide exemplary efforts throughout the past year, despite a personal tragedy she endured. She assists the team in many ways in finding and fixing invoice and funds tracking issues, as well as continuous training for the team on contract knowledge, tips and tricks. She also serves as backup for the Task Lead, and is always ready to assist at the drop of a hat.

Bryson KBryson Kirdnual, USAMMDA
Bryson was recognized as Employee of the Month supporting the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA). Bryson took on the additional responsibility of learning the Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) and using the tool to review and perform computer updates for user machines across the enclave. Bryson’s willingness to learn more and contribute to the team shows he is a valuable team member and deserving of this award.

Misha GirardMisha Girard, NAMRU-D
Misha currently supports the Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton (NAMRU-D) command’s Front Office Group (FOG) command suite, four directorates and 161 personnel command-wide. She has taken the lead in the FOG since her colleague departed, thus absorbing many of their responsibilities. Misha is responsible for the coordination and schedule of the monthly Command Indoctrination Program. Her efforts allow for a great opportunity for the new personnel to meet with the staff and their leadership, building support from within. Misha also coordinates the weekly Executive Steering Committee (ESC) for the command suite, four directors and support staff. She is a great team player who is willing to support others. She is one of the first individuals to greet the staff with a warm smile upon entering the building and one of the last persons to meet upon their departure. Her contributions to the command are priceless as she makes it easier for her leadership to focus on other aspects of their job. She is a true asset to the support team.

SMD Group BadgeSpace & Missile Defense Group

szq shining stars awardCongratulations to the following individuals who were recently recognized as “Shining Stars” at the SSC/SZQ Senior Management Forum (SMF):

SZQR Division

Mike Haefner: “Mike will always take your call and is on top of everything for his program. He provides sound advice for both younger members of the team and uses his significant knowledge to support the functionals as well.”

SZQP Division

Janis Murillo: “Janis is consistently going above and beyond. Janis the #1 reason software deployments are operationally accepted by the NEC first time, every time. She assists others when they need her expertise and often steps outside of her primary duties to ensure the PARCS Division is meeting its mission.”

SZQP Division

Larry Driver: “Larry is a powerhouse on the PARCS team. His strong management of the PARCS ISS Hardware team has led us to understand and prioritize our DMSMS concerns better than any of his predecessors. He was the reason for the completion of the first-ever PARCS sensor alignment.“

Odyssey Employee Milestones

Congratulations to everyone who has celebrated an important work milestone between September 16, 2023 and March 15, 2024. Thank you for your dedication!

Employee NameGroupLocationMilestone Anniversary
Portlock, ThomasCorp/HQWakefield Office22 Years
Hincy, David G.SpacePeterson Space Force Base16 Years
Kasberg, MatthewCorp/HQWakefield Office16 Years
Romero, PaulineSpacePeterson Space Force Base15 Years
Abbott, RonaldSpacePeterson Space Force Base13 Years
Bitner, JaySpacePeterson Space Force Base13 Years
Hoerauf, Hans A.SpacePeterson Space Force Base13 Years
Threet, RandySpacePeterson Space Force Base13 Years
Bonta, Robert S.C5ISRNewport News Office12 Years
Ekweozor, Jonathan C.SpacePeterson Space Force Base12 Years
Freeman, Phillip W.C5ISRNiceville Office12 Years
Kessler, Regina A.SpacePeterson Space Force Base11 Years
Walker, Allen D.SpaceSchriever SFB11 Years
Tyndall, William J.SMDPeterson Space Force Base10 Years
Church, Joseph R.SMDPeterson Space Force Base10 Years
Altick, John M.AviationWright-Patterson AFB5 Year
Batchelor, JeanineSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Berg, Richard A.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Betz, John F.SpaceTennessee Remote5 Year
Cone, DoyleSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Dalbec, Mikki I.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Doyle, ScottSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Fletcher, RichardSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Frisch, ScottSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Glueckert, Michael J.Corp/HQOregon Remote5 Year
Greenan, StephenSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Gromley, Aaron J.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Gustine, Gerald A.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Hancock, Ricky L.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Hart, BelindaSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Jusseaume, ChadSpaceHanscom Air Force Base5 Year
Kelley, Daniel R.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Kepner, Timothy G.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Lasecki, Gregory S.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Lau, HowardSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Makris, DimitriSpaceHanscom Air Force Base5 Year
McCleish, Michael P.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
McConnell, John R.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
McCorkle, TracySpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Muransky, Christopher E.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Murillo, JanisSpaceFlorida Remote5 Year
Nicoll, Christopher A.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Osborne, Steven H.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Palmer, Linda L.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Petroskey, JamesCorp/HQWakefield Office5 Year
Pfeifle, Leah S.C5ISRNew York Remote5 Year
Powell, KirstenSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Rice, Raymond E.SpaceAlabama Remote5 Year
Roach, JosephAviationMichigan Remote5 Year
Schmicher, DavidSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Schreck, Gregory J.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Selander, David M.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Sellars, KennithSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Siracusa, Lawrence N.SpaceHanscom Air Force Base5 Year
Smith, Jessica J.AviationKentucky Remote5 Year
Smith, RobertSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Stalla, LawrenceSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Tomaselli, Carlo A.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Turner, Kory M.SpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
West, Andrew K.AviationWright-Patterson AFB5 Year
Winchell, GlennSpacePeterson Space Force Base5 Year
Abbatiello, Joseph J.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Bencomo, Jose S.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Benton, Faith L.AviationF-35 Joint Program Office1 Year
Brown, Ariella J.AviationWright-Patterson AFB1 Year
Brown, Caleob S.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Bui, Casey S.AviationNorth Carolina Remote1 Year
Chambers Jr., Kenneth L.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Chang, KimmySpaceTexas Remote1 Year
Clark, Jessica R.AviationEglin Air Force Base1 Year
Cordy, SajjanMedicalCalifornia Remote1 Year
Cox, EileenAviationFlorida Remote1 Year
Cunningham, DominiqueSpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Dale, Lawrence R.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Daniels, KeithSpaceAlabama Remote1 Year
DePina, MillerC5ISRLincoln Office1 Year
Dorrell, James B.AviationCalifornia Remote1 Year
Foor Ph.D., Shelby D.MedicalWalter Reed AIR1 Year
Freeman-Clark, Nicholas I.AviationF-35 Joint Program Office1 Year
Gannon, Kyle T.SpaceSchriever SFB1 Year
Gonzales, Stephen D.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Gooding, Sahara Y.MedicalNvl Med Ctr Portsmouth1 Year
Gray, Lee E.AviationF-35 Joint Program Office1 Year
Jenkins, JuneSpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Jenkins, VanessaSpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Kadan, Jonathan E.SpaceNew York Remote - City1 Year
Kalp-Johnson, Julia A.SpaceMaryland Remote1 Year
Kannalikham, JenniferSpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Kennedy, AndrewSystemsWakefield Office1 Year
Knowles, Donald C.SpaceGarden of the Gods Office1 Year
Kronfeld, WilliamSpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Lang, Nathan P.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Lawton, LindseySpaceSchriever SFB1 Year
Ledbetter, Bryant R.Corp/HQKansas Remote1 Year
Lee, Atticus R.C5ISRBeavercreek Office1 Year
Lentz, Brett A.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Libby, Kessa A.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Loveless III, OscarSpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Martinez, MauricioAviationWright-Patterson AFB1 Year
McBride, KelliCorp/HQNew York Remote1 Year
McQuay, AlaynaCorp/HQTennessee Remote1 Year
Miller, Charles S.AviationFlorida Remote1 Year
Mogote, Roderick L.MedicalNaval Health Research Ctr1 Year
Morgida, Joseph V.C5ISRMassachusetts Remote1 Year
Panta, SushmaSpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Portillo, Katherine I.SpaceCalifornia Remote1 Year
Portlock, JohnCorp/HQWakefield Office1 Year
Rajala, Ted A.AviationWright-Patterson AFB1 Year
Rand, Julia M.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Richardson, CharaeAviationIndiana Remote1 Year
Roby, JimAviationIndiana Remote1 Year
Schillero, David V.SpaceNvl Supt Fac Dahlgren1 Year
Schlosser, RyanCorp/HQColorado Springs Office1 Year
Seibert, Whitney A.C5ISRPA Remote 051 Year
Smith, AlishaCorp/HQIndiana Remote 21 Year
Sneed, Dariona M.AviationF-35 Joint Program Office1 Year
Solomon, Odis L.C5ISRForeign Location No SUI1 Year
Starkey, Trevor J.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Stenberg, Brian S.AviationF-35 Joint Program Office1 Year
Stilen, Gerald A.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Voruz, TimAviationEglin Air Force Base1 Year
Walton Jr., Lurie L.C5ISRForeign Location No SUI1 Year
Walton, Bertran D.MedicalWalter Reed AIR1 Year
Warner, LindsaySpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Watt, Evan H.SpacePeterson Space Force Base1 Year
Wistermayer, JenniferCorp/HQNew Jersey Remote1 Year
Woodyear, Brian Q.AviationWright-Patterson AFB1 Year

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