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Odyssey Employee Achievements

Aviation Group BadgeAviation Group

ISR SOF AwardThe Special Warfare Logistics team won the ISR & SOF Annual Logistics Directorate Small Team Award. The award recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of Life Cycle Logistics and Product Support and provides a unique opportunity to formally recognize our logisticians making positive impacts throughout a program’s life cycle. Special kudos to Senior Program Manager Ron Charette for his support with this team and his hard work establishing a contractual relationship with the Special Operations Forces Support Activity (SOFSA).

Scott Detling was recognized by the government customer for his recent outstanding work for a much-anticipated briefing to General Officers and SES’s. His attention to detail ensured the Logistics Chief of the Special Operations Division was well prepared to fight for additional funding.

Ms. Brenda Weatherspoon was promoted to the position of Program Director of the Combat & Mobility and ISR/SOF/UAV Divisions. As the Director, Brenda is responsible for all aspects of both Divisions. Her promotion is a reflection of her leadership skills, management abilities, and dedication to the Odyssey mission.


Dan GordonMr. Dan Gordon joined Odyssey in November 21 as the Executive Director of the Aviation Group. Dan is a former Colonel in the USAF where he was the System Program Manager (SPM) and Aircraft Sustainment Group Commander for the F-16. He also supported satellite communications and various staff functions in the Air Force. Since his military retirement, Dan managed the operations of a family-owned electronics manufacturer.

C5ISR Group Badge

C5ISR Group

USAFE SHIELDSIn January 2022, Odyssey employee Dave Bartley joined the US Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa (U-A) in attending the African Air Chiefs Symposium in Kigali, Rwanda. This symposium is a forum for Air Chiefs from across the African continent to address regional and continental issues, enhance relationships, and increase cooperation among African Air Forces. During the symposium, Dave Bartley supported the U-A leadership team in discussions regarding the Air Transport Sharing Mechanism (ATSM). The ATSM program is a US-led initiative that enables sharing of air transport resources for delivery of troops, supplies, and materiel within the region in response to conflict, peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, or other crises. Odyssey has been actively supporting the ATSM program since 2020, assisting U-A in formulating the overall construct; creating and growing relationships with a myriad of stakeholders across three continents; and in developing a comprehensive business case analysis that rigorously identifies and evaluates alternate approaches to achieving an effective capability suitable for partners on the African continent.

In December 2021 Odyssey employee Karleton Dempsey joined the US Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa (U-A) in conducting the first tranche of the Adversary Air (ADAIR) Utility Assessment (AUA). The AUA is evaluating the suitability and effectiveness of using Contractor Owner Contractor Operated (COCO) tactical aircraft to provide adversarial air combat training for 4th and 5th generation fighter aircraft. Although inclement weather posed a challenge to launching sorties (December is not beach season in Germany!), the effort was highly successful in providing valuable lessons learned for future tranches. When completed, the AUA will provide a comprehensive roadmap for implementing a flexible, responsive training capability that will enable US Air Force, joint, allied, and coalition tactical aircraft to support a wide variety of missions within the U-A area of responsibility.

DASM LogoIn September of 2021, Tanya Williams (ECQ EPASS EVM Analyst) successfully completed the required training to obtain her Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) Certification. Tanya continues to challenge herself and add to her arsenal of skills. Tanya is now well equipped to build and support a Disciplined Agile Team, ensure the team improves, succeeds and has fun doing so on an ongoing basis, as well as influence outside the Team.

PARCSCassandra Bushyeager is the ECQ Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System (PARCS) Program Office Program Control Manager and the Deputy Odyssey Lead for the PARCS Division. In this capacity, she’s the keeper of the current and future sustainment “story” to inform ECQ Directorate, USSF, and Air Force leadership of the division requirements now and in the future, ensuring funding is available for the sustainment of this critical radar. She collaborates with division leadership on the Program Objective Memorandum process (Financial Execution Reviews, Budget Execution Reviews, Stakeholder briefings, road map development) and is responsible for maintaining the division focus on these items to ensure the future mission capability of the PARCS radar.

Additionally, Cassandra was the first Directorate Program Control Manager to utilize the directed collaboration tools, DI2E Jira/Confluence, to prepare the division for migrating to Agile development as the new method of delivering capability to the warfighters. Due to her initiative and expertise, not only is the division leading the directorate in Agile development, but she was able to help all divisions prepare their own programs for the same! Cassandra joined Odyssey in February of 2018 and she’s been the lynchpin in this small but potent team since she arrived!

Carlo Tomaselli manages the change requirements process for the ECQ team. In this capacity, Carlo proposed, obtained approval, and subsequently led a revalidation of 228 System Change Forms exceeding government expectations by delivering more than expected. Under his leadership, the team was able to close 227 or 99.6% of the Forms. Additionally, Carlo established an internal re-occurring monthly Configuration Control Board (CRB) meeting that drives action on Air Force Forms 1067, ensuring continuity of effort and movement of the forms along in the process. Carlo started in this position 7 years and 9 months ago, and enjoys working with an Odyssey and government team focused on supporting our nation.

Roger McCrory is a program manager in the ECQ Integration Division. In this capacity, Roger, with his extraordinary level of precision, built the strategic roadmap for the Directorate; pulled together disparate entities to keep a space messaging project on course; and, built a tasker process for the Integration Division that includes using Jira while mentoring the team on proper usage. Roger joined the Odyssey team in November 2020 and enjoys the Odyssey team and the challenges each day presents.

Cecilia Rotelli spearheaded the demonstration of the Message Record/Playback ETL Phase 1 effort within the NCMC test environment. This scenario system will provide a training capability for operators that reacts quickly and effectively to new threats, requirements, and dynamic inputs. In addition, the system must provide the capability to generate realistic scenarios involving emerging threats, in this case air and space-based threats. As a result, the program office and prime contractor successfully demonstrated all requirements utilizing live events.

Cecilia Rotelli, Jerry Verlinde, and Charles Rogers provided program, acquisition, and data management support to the program office to close out the contract deliverables for the Software Release 20 Delivery Order, 31 December 2021. Cecilia worked with the program office and the NISSC I Contractor (Raytheon Technologies) to close out over 202 document sets. The document sets include 580 data items contained within those document sets and closed out these contract deliverables within four days.

Odyssey personnel spearheaded the effort to update the NISSC II contract, $19M to procure the required hardware and software to:

  • Upgrade the Combatant Commanders Integrated Command and Control System (CCIC2S) and Legacy Enterprise infrastructure for rapid integration/delivery and provide an upgrade of virtualization products and provide support for containers as required
  • Implement MFA in the Test and Development Facility (TDF) and in the Operational Sites as Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

This work paves the way to implement the most efficient way to provided warfighter capability in a much faster timeframe than large bi-annual releases. In addition, this effort to procure the additional software and hardware tools will create a significant reduction in the delivery time of maintenance actions; this creates opportunities to deliver even more capability using the future cost efficiencies. The following team members were instrumental to complete this action: Gary Rusnak, Tim O’Brien, Dave Schmicher, Travis Hunter, Kevin Thomas,  and Chris Nicoll.

RobertTwo of our senior instructors, Joshua Jackson and Robert Franz are instrumental in providing many types of instructional training courses. Here, Robert is seen teaching “Intro to field radio AN/PRC-119” a 1-day course which prepares 25 series signal soldiers (open to any and all MOS’s as well) to identify, configure, and operate the AN/PRC-119 and provide hands-on experience with the ASIP, Antenna Group OE-254/COM-201B, and the Simple Key Loader (SKL) AN/PYQ-10.

JoshuaJoshua is shown teaching the COMPTIA NETWORK PLUS (Net+), an 80-hour course designed to prepare students for the CompTIA Network+ certification test. This course builds on existing user-level knowledge and experience with personal computer operating systems and networks to present the fundamental skills and concepts that you will need to use on the job in any type of networking career. It also addresses the content described in the exam objectives for the CompTIA Network+ certification, an excellent first step to take before preparing for the CompTIA Network+ examination. Emphasis is placed on CompTIA Network+ objectives including, but not limited to network technologies, topologies, devices, security, tools, and management.

Medical Group BadgeMedical Group


Ms. Christy Sintz, support to NAMRU-D Command, received a “supreme” Bravo Zulu from Capt. Dalitsch, the Commanding Officer at NAMRU-D. She was recognized for her extraordinary contributions during a particularly trying time at the command. Capt. Dalitsch noted Christy’s pride, commitment and professionalism in the support that she provides for the command’s Science and Research mission.

Ms. Stephanie Hoyer, Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) supporting the NMCSD CID, received a shout out from Dr. Sweden De Matas (Head, CID) regarding her contribution to a small grant funding panel. Stephanie’s effort on this panel consisted of advocating for the Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) clinic she supports daily by being a strong advocate for the Principal Investigators (PI) she assists and as a result, the funding request was approved.

Adam Klosterman, IT specialist supporting the NAMRU-D command, has received multiple recognitions from command personnel. Among them, Dr. Peter Le recognized Adam’s efforts for the Operational Biomechanics and Ergonomics (OBiE) team over the past couple of the months. Adam was the team’s primary IT point of contact and played a significant role in keeping the processes moving forward despite the increased workload IT has been facing. His efforts assisted them in keeping software updated and compatible for ongoing data collection and analysis. Given the complexity of infrastructure and cybersecurity constraints, some of the specialized software requires extensive communication with the team and the manufacturer to generate unique solutions to accommodate our needs. As a testament to Adam’s efforts, he was instrumental in the setup of the markerless motion capture system, which greatly expands capabilities for future biomechanics research for the fleet. Regardless of the task, Adam has been highly responsive, prompt in his assistance, and clear in providing feedback and guidance. Overall, his efforts have made a significant impact on our team’s ability to operate. We commend him on a job well done.

William Harrison, research technician supporting the WRAIR Malaria department, received the following accolade from our client: “Mr. William Harrison has been working on process development of WRAIR’s second generation malaria vaccine. The work involves standardization of multiple steps of protein purification, bacterial growth conditions and characterization of the resulting particle vaccine. In the past 6 months, Mr. Harrison has been instrumental in our lab on gathering the appropriate literature and the subsequent execution of the experiments in protein purification. His sustained efforts have led to additional funding from USAID for 2022 and it is our hope that a final GMP compatible protein production process will be developed. We commend Mr. Harrison’s persistence and hard work on this project.”


Nathan Gargas, one of Odyssey’s Life Scientist supporting the NAMRU-D Environmental Health Effects Lab, received his Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree from Ohio University.

Megan Borneman, research technician supporting the WRAIR DDR, was accepted into the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences-Advanced Academic Program at the Johns Hopkins University. She will be receiving a Masters of Science in Biotechnology degree with a concentration in Molecular Targets & Drug Discovery. The program starts in May. She expects this program will give her a solid foundation to one day become an Immunologist.

Caitlin Figiel, research technician supporting WRAIR BTN, has been accepted by American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) to sit for the third and final technical certification exam. Upon successful completion, she will be a Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG), the highest level achievable without an advanced degree.


Yoann LeBreton (Wound Infection Department (WID) / HMAP) attended the 2022 MAMPM Conference from February 13-15 in Virginia and presented the following posters and chaired Session#3: Host-pathogenesis interactions.

“A Platform for Genome Mining of Multidrug-Resistant Pathogens to Develop Therapeutic Phages Using Synthetic Biology”

“An Update on the Human Monoclonal Antibody Platform (HMAP): a Programmatic Effort Targeting the Bacteria Responsible for Wound Infections”

William Harrison, Research Assistant supporting the WRAIR Malaria Department had his first published article published in the Nature Academic Journal:
Mark D. Langowski, Farhat A. Khan, Sofya Savransky, Dallas R. Brown, Arasu Balasubramaniyam, William B. Harrison, Xiaoyan Zou, Zoltan Beck, Gary R. Matyas, Jason A. Regules, Robin Miller, Lorraine A. Soisson, Adrian H. Batchelor and Sheetij Dutta. Restricted valency (NPNA)n repeats and junctional epitope based circumsporozoite protein vaccines. npj Vaccines (2022) 7:13.

S&MD Group BadgeSpace & Missile Defense Group

Government praise for the Military Satellite Communications Enterprise Cybersecurity Support (MECS) Team: The Chief Engineer, MILSATCOM Operations Support & Sustainment Division provided unsolicited praise for the team supporting the Enterprise Corps Cyber Security Support MILSATCOM (MECS) Task Order.

“The visibility and importance of cybersecurity has grown exponentially over the past couple years and I want to take the time and thank the cyber team for their outstanding support this past year. There have been a tremendous amount of cyber activities supported by the cyber team on the 25+ MILSATCOM systems. I can sleep good at night knowing the cyber team is aggressively addressing all cyber related items and ensuring all systems maintain their ATOs.

Additionally, the cyber team has been inundated with a multitude of very short notice cyber taskers and they have knocked every one of them out in short order. The taskers simply would not have been answered without their expertise. Your team’s hard work has not gone unnoticed and we are very thankful to have this “A” team supporting us and helping protect these critical national security assets. Thank you…”

This was followed by a response from the Chief, NC3 Terminals Sustainment Manager:

“The Cybersecurity Team are legendary rock stars. I can always count on them to support me with “all things cyber.” I rely on them heavily and have no need to check their work or remind them about pending deadlines. Their constant vigilance, work ethic, and quality results has earned my deep respect and appreciation. Their diligence, expertise, and mission-minded professionalism play a critical role in our mission success. My sincere thanks to all on the Cyber Team!”


Jon DowlingOdyssey would like to bid farewell to our Space & Missile Defense Executive Director, Jon “JD” Dowling. JD joined Odyssey in August 2009 following our successful pursuit of the Space & Missile Defense Initiative Support (SMDIS III) contract supporting the Army Space & Missile Defense Command / Army Forces Strategic Command (SMDC/ARSTRAT). We thank JD for his service and leadership for the past 12 years. Best of luck in your future endeavors, JD!

Odyssey Employee Milestones

Congratulations to everyone who has celebrated an important work milestone between September 15, 2021 and March 15, 2022. Thank you for your dedication!

 Employee Name  Milestone  Location
Portlock, Thomas 20 Years Wakefield, MA
Abbott, Ronald 10 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Chisnell, Bruce 10 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Hoerauf, Hans A. 10 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Threet, Randy 10 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Adams, Zachary M. 5 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Back, Michael D. 5 Years Beavercreek, OH
Bickford, Daniel C. 5 Years San Diego, CA
Boone, Eric K. 5 Years Beavercreek, OH
Brosz, Todd M. 5 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Byrd, Zacharey N. 5 Years Niceville, FL
Cardiff, Katherine 5 Years Silver Spring, MD
Carr, Robert T. 5 Years Beavercreek, OH
Gifford, Gregory 5 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Gregory, Scott R. 5 Years Colorado Springs, CO
James, Sonja 5 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Logan, Sylvia 5 Years Beavercreek, OH
Miller, Robert W. 5 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Perry, Arliss S. 5 Years Beavercreek, OH
Plattenberger, Jennifer A. 5 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Socotch, Jaime N. 5 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Trueblood, Andrew T. 5 Years San Diego, CA
Turner, Lee R. 5 Years Beavercreek, OH
Vanden, Michelle 5 Years Niceville, FL
Williams, Gregory G. 5 Years Colorado Springs, CO
Barker, James C. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Burris, Marcia L. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Butt, Erin 1 Year Charleston, SC
Callahan, Jeremy P. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Cashin, Kevin G. 1 Year Lincoln, MA
Christiansen, Bradley D. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Connelly, Daniel D. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Connor, Craig A. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Copp, Tracy L. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Crossley, Benjamin 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Dooley, Christopher D. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Dowell, Nicholas R. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Driver II, Larry 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Droll Jr., Donald W. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Dunigan, John E. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Ellerd, Matthew 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Enold, Scott A. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Gargasz, Michael L. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Gazak, Jonathan Z. 1 Year Maui, HI
Giaquinto Sr., Paul A. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Gotcher Jr., William L. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Greenleaf, Jill 1 Year Lincoln, MA
Greenlee, Robert T. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Grossman, Richard 1 Year Wakefield, MA
Hammer, Michael N. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Harrison, William B 1 Year Silver Spring, MD
Healy, Kathleen R. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Heath, Samuel J. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Hughey, Ashley 1 Year San Diego, CA
Jackson, Joshua M. 1 Year Fort Stewart, GA
Jones, Johnny T. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Kennedy, Kelley A. 1 Year Des Moines, IA
Knapp, Louis R. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Lankford, Duane 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Lefkowitz, Michael A. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Lund, Tim N. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Lythgoe, Richard W. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Madore, Katie E. 1 Year Silver Spring, MD
Mason, Bruce W. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
McCrory, Roger D. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
McIntosh, Mark A. 1 Year Fairfax, VA
Michalk, David L. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Michalski Jr., Richard 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Miller, Ryan P. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Morgan, Brandon R. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Mueller, Michael L. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Muir, Jared 1 Year Lincoln, MA
Nechtman, Robert D. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Newman, Crystal S. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Ngo, Michael S. 1 Year Newport News, VA
O’Neill, Nancy 1 Year Wakefield, MA
Pagura, Carol D. 1 Year Warner Robins, GA
Perez Valadez, Alejandro Y. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Phelps, Matthew G. 1 Year Maui, HI
Philbrick, Thomas L. 1 Year Fort Worth, TX
Poplawski, Michael 1 Year Sarasota, FL
Pritchert, Terry L. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Ramirez, Juanito E. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Robards, Kristen M. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Shafer, Nason R. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Steinmetz, Bonnie J. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Stevens, Donald L. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Strahan, Jonathan D. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Swindle, Thomas R. 1 Year Maui, HI
Tobias, Adam P. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Torres Arce, Julio E. 1 Year Warner Robins, GA
Vercosa Kaufman, Hillary 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Wiles, Angel 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO
Wilson, Sarah L. 1 Year Beavercreek, OH
Yaeger, Jeffrey A. 1 Year St. Paul, MN
Yoshimoto, Brian K. 1 Year Colorado Springs, CO

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