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Odyssey Employee Achievements

C5ISR Group BadgeAviation group


AFLCMC Functionals

  • AFLCMC Large Team AwardMatt Sturos has been promoted to Senior IT Network Administration
  • Karen Calicoat has been promoted to IT Network Administration Journeyman

EB Robins

2023 AFLCMC 1st Quarter Excellence Award Winners Large Team Award—Small Arms Integrated Product Team (IPT)


  • Jessica Pruitt has been promoted to Senior Acquisition Support Analyst
  • Kiley Combs has been promoted to Senior Cyber Security Manager
  • Sylvia Logan has been promoted to Senior Configuration / Data Manager
  • Dave Ross has been promoted to Task Lead
  • Dan Clinger has been named Task Lead

Customer Feedback Records (CFRs)


  • Kiley Combs has been recognized for exceptional cybersecurity support
  • Justin Franklin has received two CFRs for continuously providing top-notch support for the Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) and Comms Mod Upgrade programs
  • Troy Carr has received two CFRs for continuously providing exceptional support to the MC-130J Terrain Following (MCTF) IPT
  • Ted Rajala has been recognized for setting the bar for a vector check briefing / approval
  • David Fink has received two CFRs: for exceptional engineering support, and for making significant impacts on the Situational Awareness Communications Upgrade (SACU) program
  • Norbert Huber has been recognized for outstanding efforts in support of the MCTF EN team
  • Kevin Lopez has been recognized for continued exceptional support
  • Jennifer Perrault has received two CFRs for exceptional program management support, selfless leadership, and self-drive
  • Dean Brown has been recognized for covering a vacancy while ensuring no impact to cost, schedule, or performance to contract actions
  • Danny Keen has been recognized for exceptional support to Engineering by answering a red key tasker
  • Curt Ledgerwood has been recognized for exceptional support and leadership in the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) Program
  • Scott Miller has been recognized for exceptional support and leadership in the DMS Program


  • Mo Martinez has received a CFR for his innovative mindset, establishment of professional relationships, and help to other IPTs

Customer Kudos

AFLCMC Functionals

  • Angela Mescher has been recognized for exemplary performance, high quality of work, and contributions to the Digital Airworthiness Team
  • Richard Vawter has been recognized for his dedication to the mission of the Propulsion Acquisition Division and his care of each employee and team member

AFLCMC Mobility

  • Jordan Leolos has been recognized for creating an independent regression baseline


  • Jackie VanderWoude has received kudos from SOCOM for her outstanding support managing more than 90 deficiency reports that are critical to solving the issues for the warfighter
  • Gene Brandon has been recognized for being a major contributor to the Technology Integration & Support Center (TISC) team that won the SOF Annual Small Team Award

EB Eglin

  • Willie Mothersell has been recognized for superior performance as well as outstanding and sustained accomplishments on the Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) Program


  • Don Kruszyinski, Linda Canter, Arliss Perry

Aviation Group BadgeC5ISR group

The C5ISR Group has had a number of stand-out accomplishments. The U.S. Air Forces Europe (USAFE) Project Management Office (PMO) in Germany continues to deliver support to critical warfighter programs as our team comprised of Rick Mercer, Karleton Dempsey, James Bennett, Odis Solomon, Dana Capaldi, J Walton, Christina Bennett, and Tim Griffin laid the foundation for the roll-over of our contract to a new competitive vehicle by delivering exceptional work, day-in and day-out. Their Contracting Officer Representative (COR) couldn’t say enough good things about the team at a recent Program Management Review (PMR).

At Air Combat Command and Air Force Special Ops Command, our Fires team keeps the Automated Joint Terminal Attack Controller Academic Currency Tracking System (AJACTS) running and improving. William Morris and Robert Bonta single handedly completed a major system upgrade 30 days ahead of schedule dazzling their customer with their skill.

Finally, some of our Special Programs employees (Mike Petroskey, John Ricard, and Alistair Chase) distinguished themselves and the company by playing golf at a recent AFCEA tournament in New Hampshire in pretty tough conditions. Noted because all of their real work is classified and they, like the entire team, find multiple ways to make outstanding contributions.

Medical Group BadgeMedical Group

Odyssey employees Dr. Audra Stone and Becca Spooner were recognized for their outstanding contributions and performance supporting the Clinical Investigation Department (CID) at the Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth (NMCP) Virginia.

Becca SpoonerBecca Spooner has been recognized by CDR George Balazs, MD, USN, Chair of Orthopedic Surgery at the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP), VA for her many accomplishments as Clinical Research Coordinator at NMCP. CDR Balazs cites “Becca has been an integral part of the department since 2010… and single-handedly runs our entire department.” Becca manages multiple open protocols, and reviews and corrects all new submissions and closure reports. She assists in CID compliance visits and performs study consenting and follow-up visits. She assists with management of research funding, helps the department’s biomedical engineer, and helps department researchers with their queries. During her time at NMCP, all compliance site visits, and Institutional Review Board (IRB) research proposals have been approved and passed. Becca is an invaluable team member at Odyssey and NMCP, and we are extremely grateful for her support.

Becca Spooner also has received three Protocol Completion Awards from the Defense Health Agency (DHA) IRB at the NMCP for continuing to support the Command’s tradition of medical excellence and the Navy’s mission of scientific innovation.

Dr. Audra StoneOdyssey Employee, Dr. Audra Stone supporting the Clinical Investigations Program (CIP) at the NMCP was recognized by both the government and Odyssey at the yearly Contractor Researcher Personnel (CSPR) Appreciation Brunch on June 7th at the NMCP Pavilion.

This is a government event that recognizes 2/3rds of contractors who specifically made significant impacts to the command. As the CID Protocol Developer, Dr. Stone assists researchers with all facets of their project submission including project design, conducting literature reviews, and addressing IRB requirements. She individualizes her guidance to ensure a positive, personalized experience and makes every effort to accommodate the busy schedules of her clinicians, often meeting with them outside of normal business hours. This year, Dr. Stone implemented a researcher networking initiative to establish more multi-disciplinary projects. While navigating the ever-changing research regulations can be a challenge for researchers, Dr. Stone is adept at knowing which requirements apply to specific projects so that she can assist in designing a research protocol with scientific rigor while adhering to regulatory guidance. As a result, those who seek her assistance complete the protocol review process in half the usual time. Dr. Stone’s expertise in protocol design ensures maximum feasibility within the research team’s time constraints while ensuring project completion and ultimately publication. Most importantly, she ensures researchers have a great experience while educating them throughout the process. Her phenomenal contributions in support of NMCP’s graduate medical education programs will certainly have a long-lasting impact on the military research community.

Midrelle NoumbissiA central figure within Odyssey’s Diarrheal Disease Research (DDR) group is Midrelle Noumbissi. As the Scientific Lab Manager for the program, her logistical skills and attention to detail have been key to Odyssey’s efforts supporting the program’s mission of developing vaccines and therapeutics against enteric pathogens. Odyssey was pleased to recognize these significant efforts with a May 2023 Spot Award.

Sajjan CordyMr. Sajjan Cordy, Sr. Biomedical Equipment Technician, has been recognized by the Medical Inspector General, Captain Trent L. Outhouse during an inspection of the Naval Health Research Center. Specifically, Captain Outhouse noted Mr. Cordy’s exceptional professional expertise, pursuit of program excellence and positive impact on the Command’s inspection results.

Caitlin Urick and Kevin BurkeAs part of the Bacteriophage Therapeutics team within the WRAIR Wound Infection Department (WID), Caitlin Urick, Kevin Burke, and Nino Mzhavia (not pictured) made key contributions to the development, preparation and testing of a custom-made Bacteriophage cocktail used to successfully treat a life-threatening, multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in a patient at the Tripler Army Medical Center.

SMD Group BadgeSpace & Missile Defense Group

Congratulations to the entire Data Processor/Signal Processor (DP/SP) Team! On 13 July, Thule Upgraded Early Warning Radars (UEWR) Gen II successfully completed trial period and achieved Final Operational Acceptance. This site was the last of five UEWRs to receive the Gen II upgrades. Odyssey is thrilled to be a part of this historical milestone. Way to go Team!

Congratulations to the entire Gen2 / Data Processor / Signal Processor (DP/SP) Team! Special thanks to Program Manager (PM), Kenn Henderson, who for the past 11 years, acted as the PM to address obsolescence of the DP/SP computers of all the Early Warning Radars (EWRs). Under his guidance, the Team was instrumental in building out the roadmap, addressing engineering integration challenges, and defining a supportability relationship for long-term success. Ultimately, their endeavors ensured all sites were upgraded thereby adding missile defense capability for all the EWR sites and operational acceptance. The Team provided Courses of Action (COAs) that were utilized by the the Commander, USSPACECOM and the Secretary of Defense, which minimized real world impacts while driving trial period activity. The Team’s tenacity culminated on 13 July when the Thule UEWR Gen II successfully completed the trial period meeting all exit criteria with no deficiencies and the 12th Space Warning Squadron was approved to exit trial period. The trial period exit resulted in achieving Final Operational Acceptance. This final upgrade was a huge historical milestone as the last of five Upgraded Early Warning Radars closed the chapter of the Gen 2 upgrades. Way to go team members Kenn Henderson, Mike McCleish, Glen Walley, Al Shanahan, and Dimitri Makris.

Odyssey Employee Milestones

Congratulations to everyone who has celebrated an important work milestone between March 16, 2023 and September 15, 2023. Thank you for your dedication!

Employee NameGroupLocationMilestone
Morris, WilliamC5ISRNewport News Office20 Years
Stupinski, ScottCorporate / HQWakefield Office15 Years
Wagner, Kevin A.C5ISRLincoln Office10 Years
Archer, SabrinaCorporate / HQWakefield Office5 Years
Burch, Jason B.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office5 Years
Burke, CameronSpace & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office5 Years
Caruso, Philip J.C5ISRNewport News Office5 Years
Flanagan, RosemarieCorporate / HQWakefield Office5 Years
Garber Jr., RussellSpace & Missile DefenseFairfax Office5 Years
Gentry, Howard A.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office5 Years
Harper, Laura J.Corporate / HQWakefield Office5 Years
Hickman, Kevin D.AviationNiceville Office5 Years
Mariscal, Luz M.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office5 Years
Mayard, SorayaSpace & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office5 Years
Salvador Jr., BenjaminSpace & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office5 Years
Torgeson, TonyaCorporate / HQNiceville Office5 Years
Arnold, Lyle B.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Abu-Taleb, RaniaMedicalMaryland Remote1 Year
Aman, Jason M.Space & Missile DefenseCalifornia Remote1 Year
Anderson, Carl V.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Armstrong, Michele R.C5ISRBeavercreek Office1 Year
Ashley, Steven M.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Bennett, James E.C5ISRForeign Location No SUI1 Year
Blackwood, Christopher S.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Bridgett-Malerba, TamaraSpace & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Brock, David S.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Brown, Bailee M.MedicalVirginia Remote1 Year
Brown, Dean W.AviationFlorida Remote1 Year
Cannady, BryanSpace & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Cetrone, DianeCorporate / HQWakefield Office1 Year
Charley, AndrewAviationBeavercreek Office1 Year
Costelo, Miyukee B.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Delery, Kevin T.AviationBeavercreek Office1 Year
Dello-Stritto I, John W.AviationBeavercreek Office1 Year
Dobre, StefaniaMedicalMaryland Remote1 Year
Eberly, TravisSpace & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Eidman, Jenny R.MedicalSan Diego Office1 Year
Ericson, Charles B.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Fink, David J.AviationBeavercreek Office1 Year
Frye, Kendall L.Space & Missile DefenseWyoming Remote1 Year
Girard, MishaMedicalBeavercreek Office1 Year
Gregory, Jon A.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Hale, Michael J.C5ISRIllinois Remote1 Year
Hancock, Shendrisha K.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Harrell, TimothySpace & Missile DefenseVirginia Remote1 Year
Hatch, Kristina E.C5ISRConnecticut Remote1 Year
Hawkins, Donald L.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Heidlage, Joel A.AviationNebraska Remote1 Year
Hill, BruceAviationBeavercreek Office1 Year
Hur, Stephen S.MedicalMaryland Remote1 Year
Huynh, Linda M.MedicalMaryland Remote1 Year
Ingegneri, Robert L.Space & Missile DefenseFlorida Remote1 Year
Johnson, Jodi A.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Judd, Matthew T.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Klopstock, HannahSpace & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Lowmiller, BruceAviationFlorida Remote1 Year
Lynn, Sean H.C5ISRMassachusetts Remote1 Year
Kozma, DanielCorporate / HQLincoln Office1 Year
Merritt, Nathan A.C5ISRMassachusetts Remote1 Year
Minior, Joseph A.C5ISRLincoln Office1 Year
Monteleone, Matthew R.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Morgenstern, Mark S.C5ISRLincoln Office1 Year
Murphy, LindaCorporate / HQColorado Springs Office1 Year
Noumbissi, Midrelle E.MedicalMaryland Remote1 Year
O'Brien, KieranC5ISRVirginia Remote1 Year
Oliver, Ryan J.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Palm, Joshua J.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Palmer-Tesema, Yannik N.Space & Missile DefenseAlabama Remote1 Year
Paolillo, PaulAviationLouisiana Remote1 Year
Reece, Kathleen E.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Reilly, Susann M.Space & Missile DefenseFlorida Remote1 Year
Rodriguez-Sanchez, CristobalSpace & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Rogers, Nicholas W.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Rosi, Joseph D.AviationBeavercreek Office1 Year
Saah, JohnAviationMichigan Remote 21 Year
Schulte Jr., Martin V.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Sherman, Derek E.Space & Missile DefenseGeorgia Remote1 Year
Sherman, Jessica M.Corporate / HQWakefield Office1 Year
Sherrill, Ronald P.AviationBeavercreek Office1 Year
Stinson, MattSpace & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Stinson, MelanieAviationVirginia Remote1 Year
Stulce II, David G.Space & Missile DefenseAlabama Remote1 Year
Tofalo, Miranda L.Corporate / HQWakefield Office1 Year
Urick, CaitlinMedicalMaryland Remote1 Year
Vortherms Ph.D., AnthonyMedicalMaryland Remote1 Year
Walley, Robert G.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Walters, Kevin R.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year
Wang, PingMedicalMaryland Remote1 Year
White, MelanieCorporate / HQColorado Springs Office1 Year
Whitney, Donna L.AviationFlorida Remote1 Year
Wong, Ting Y.MedicalMaryland Remote1 Year
Ylitalo, Cameron C.Space & Missile DefenseColorado Springs Office1 Year

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