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Behind the Scenes:
Brenda Weatherspoon, Aviation Group Program Director
Certain League Farms Foundation

The Journey highlights an Odyssey employee each issue, celebrating their free-time pursuit of an uplifting endeavor unrelated to Odyssey’s core business.

Brenda Weatherspoon’s motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard.” Over the years she has enjoyed several hobbies including snowboarding, riding motorcycles, flying, whitewater kayaking, construction projects, and has spent many hours in the kitchen cooking and baking. She has converted that passion for cooking in another direction—soap making! While Brenda has been making soap and gifting it to friends and family for years, she recently has engaged with Certain League Farms Foundation—a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization located in Williamston, Michigan—to provide her soap creations as a revenue source to help the Foundation grow its mission and reach.

TysonCertain League Farms Foundation was established in 2017 to provide opportunities for individuals with special needs and to the community at large by providing job and educational opportunities, along with therapeutic programs for individuals. The Foundation was named after a very special horse—A Certain League—or Tyson as he’s now called. Tyson was a promising colt, anticipated to have a successful show horse career, but at just over a year old he tried to jump a high fence… and the fence won. Tyson fell and broke his back and after much consultation the veterinarians didn’t have a good prognosis for him. Regardless, Tyson’s owner decided to rehabilitate him and he was donated to Certain League Farms Foundation where he could recover and live out his days. Today, Tyson is enjoying his best life on the farm and is proof that the right training and care provides the best form of rehabilitation.

That is what Certain League Farms Foundation hopes to create; an environment where individuals can experience farm life and learn life skills that are appropriate to their special needs. The farm is currently providing therapeutic programs engaged with horses and dogs. There are also several ongoing agricultural programs for farming asparagus, cut flowers, bee management and honey production, and maple syrup production. Community outreach events have started, as well.

As the farm grows, it will be a place where the community at large can come to enjoy the gardens and learn about sustainable agricultural processes while providing job opportunities for special needs individuals.

Icon—Future Therapy Dog

Fresh Cut Farm Flowers

Handmade Peach Soap

Assorted Hand Made Soaps

Thanks Brenda for all of your hard work behind the scenes for a worthy cause! If you’d like to learn more about the Certain League Farms Foundation, check out their website.

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