Thank you to all current employees for their commitment and exceptional support to the Customer. All current employees will seamlessly transition to the new contract on 18 July 2023.

SZQ Contract Transition

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Odyssey Systems Consulting Group, Ltd. (Odyssey), a leading provider of management, analytical, and technical support services, has been awarded a task order for Engineering, Professional, and Administrative Support Services (EPASS) with the United States Space Force (USSF) Space Systems Command (SSC) Strategic Warning and Space Surveillance Directorate (SZQ).

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Odyssey Systems Consulting Group, Ltd. (Odyssey), a leading provider of management, analytical, and technical support services, has been awarded a task order for Engineering, Professional, and Administrative Support Services (EPASS) with the United States Space Force (USSF) Space Systems Command (SSC) Strategic Warning and Space Surveillance Directorate (SZQ).

Welcome to Team Odyssey

Welcome to Odyssey’s SZQ transition headquarters, your one-stop shop for understanding the SZQ transition process. First and foremost, we understand contract transition periods can be a stressful time, so we want to make sure everyone stays informed and has a clear understanding of the process in order to make this effort as smooth as possible. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to our Transition Team. Odyssey is honored and excited to continue supporting the SZQ mission!

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Scope of Work

This contract continues Odyssey’s Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) support services to advance SZQ’s mission of developing and sustaining Missile Warning, Missile Defense, Space Domain Awareness (SDA) and Command and Control (C2) capabilities to protect the United States and its Allies. The contract start date is 18 July 2023, and work will be performed at the following locations:

Peterson Space Force Base
Colorado Springs, Colorado

FE Warren Air Force Base
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Hanscom Air Force Base
Bedford, Massachusetts


About Odyssey

For over 25 years, Odyssey Systems Consulting Group, Ltd. (Odyssey) has been helping Government leaders think ahead and accelerate capability. We are an innovative small business providing high-quality technical, analytical, management, administrative, and training support services for government and private sector customers. Odyssey builds, secures, and integrates capabilities and technologies to meet tomorrow’s mission requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 SealOdyssey is a Department of Defense (DoD)-focused business with employees within the Continental U.S. (CONUS) and Outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS) locations. We are committed to quality at every level of the company and maintain a robust Quality Management System (QMS), certified by TUV USA for ISO 9001:2015. We are proud to deliver exceptional services to our customers while empowering our employees. Operating under a set of three core values, Respect, Commitment, and Ambition, we have achieved great success. Our employees—past and present, new and tenured—are the backbone of Odyssey.

Key Events

14 April

Contract Award

14 April

Transition Start

5 May

Government Kickoff

14 May

Send Offer Letters to Incumbents
This requirement was waived by the Government

26 June

Identify Candidates for Vacancies & Send Offer Letters

08 July

Onboarding, In-processing (Employees accepted in DISS)

08 July

Provide Data to Trusted Agent for Badging (i.e., CAC)

18 July 2023

Contract Start


Current Odyssey Employees

Q. Will current Odyssey employees receive a new offer letter?
The Government has waived the requirement for offer letters to Odyssey as the Incumbent. All employees currently supporting the contract will seamlessly transition on 18 July 2023.

Q. Will current Odyssey employees have to reapply?
No. Current employees do not need to re-apply to their current jobs and will simply move over to the new contract.

Q: Will we need to submit new Visit Requests (VARs)?
The two main VARs for 2025 and 1840 will be extended on a yearly basis with no requirement to put a VAR request in through Project Odyssey. There is no action for the employee, as Security will update the VARs with the new contract number. For all other VARs requested by employees that may need to be extended, please submit another VAR request through Project Odyssey or get with Ryan Schlosser directly to have them extended.

Q: Will employees need to get a new CAC for the new contract?
All the CACs issued to Odyssey employees that will be expiring will be renewed no earlier than 50 days before they expire. If your CAC expires on 17 July 2023 you can make an appointment for anytime after 1 June 2023. For those of you that have a CAC that expires on 17 November 2023 you can make an appointment for anytime after 1 October 2023. To make an appointment use the ID Card Office Locator & Appointment at the following link If you have made an appointment for a CAC you will need to contact Mike Boehle ( /  719.556.2360) to ensure your TASS application is submitted and completed prior to your appointment. For any and all questions regarding CACs during this transition please contact Mike Boehle.

Q: Will employees need to get a new Green Access Badge for the new contract??
At this time the SSC/SZQ badge printer is not up and running to print green badges. Until their badge printer is working please follow the guidance below to renew your green badge:
For employees with green badges that will be expiring soon, please contact the SpOC SSO at 554-2402, option 2. If your CAC has not been renewed yet, please contact Mike Stapleton at (719) 554-9088 or to receive a memo requesting that your green badge be renewed past the date of expiration for your CAC.

Pay / Timesheets
(Odyssey specific, team partner pay cycles may vary)

Q. If I have any “bank time,” can I use it on the new contract?
No. Bank time cannot be transferred between contracts, even if both contracts support the same customer.

Q. How will Odyssey handle the timesheet for the week of 17 July? Monday the 17th is on the old contract, and Tuesday the 18th is on the new contract.
Employees will be required to use different charge codes (or sets of charge codes) for the 17-23 July period. One charge code (or set of codes if you charge to more than one) will cover Monday the 17th; another will cover the 18th through the 23rd. We will provide specific guidance the week prior.

Q. Will I be forced to sign with another company on the Odyssey team as part of the transition to the new contract?
No. Odyssey will transfer positions (not people) to our teammates over time. If you want to leave Odyssey to join a teammate, you are welcome to do so. Odyssey will not force you to change companies.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Q. Will my PTO carry over to the new contract?
Yes. PTO is a benefit tied to your employment with Odyssey, not the specific contract on which you are charging your time.

Employee Benefits

Q. Does switching to the new contract trigger an “open season” for benefits enrollment?
No. As a current employee with uninterrupted employment, you will remain in the benefits package you elected in our last “open season” until the end of Odyssey’s plan year.

Remote Work / Scheduling

Q. Will any remote or compressed work policies change on the new contract?
This is strictly a Government decision. At this time, we are not aware of any changes to the current arrangements. Should this change, we will let all Odyssey employees know of the changes.

Job Responsibilities / Training / Certification / Etc.

Q. Will there be any changes to my current job responsibilities or duties?
Maybe. If you are a supervisor, there may be changes in your span of control. On the current contract, many supervisors have too many “direct reports.” We will assess each case during the period from the award announcement to the start of the Period of Performance. Non-supervisory employees are not expected to be impacted.

Q. Will there be any changes to my work schedule or work location?

Q. Is there any new training or new certification required as part of the new contract?
Maybe. The Government is considering some changes in certification requirements for a limited number of positions. Since those changes were not part of the solicitation for the new contract, they will not affect your employment. Stated another way, if your position requires a new certification, the Government will fund certification courses.


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