HB Contract Transition

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Odyssey Systems Consulting Group, Ltd. (Odyssey), a leading provider of management, analytical, and technical support services, has been awarded a task order for Engineering, Professional, and Administrative Support Services (EPASS) in support of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Digital Directorate (AFLCMC/HB).

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HB Contract Transition

Odyssey Systems Consulting Group, Ltd. (Odyssey), a leading provider of management, analytical, and technical support services, has been awarded a task order for Engineering, Professional, and Administrative Support Services (EPASS) in support of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Digital Directorate (AFLCMC/HB).

Welcome to Odyssey’s HB EPASS Transition Headquarters!

Here you will find a one stop shop for Team Odyssey’s plans and processes for transitioning the AFLCMC/HB, PEO Digital EPASS contract. We understand contract transition periods can be demanding and want to make sure everyone stays informed and has a clear understanding of the process. We are proud and honored to support you in this transition as we maintain focus on ensuring PEO Digital mission continuity throughout the transition process and over the next 5 years!

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Our Process–Your First Steps

  1. Review our Key Events schedule.
  2. Sign up for an Open House. We have scheduled in-person events for Hanscom-based personnel. We also offer Virtual Open House Events for geographically separated personnel and those who cannot attend the in-person events. At the events you will meet members of our team, learn more about Odyssey and the detailed steps of our transition process.
  3. If you are unable to attend an Open House we would still like to hear from you! Please provide us with your contact info by using the Contact Us link in the Key Events section.
  4. Current HB personnel, apply to your position. Follow the detailed steps below—the sooner you apply for your role the quicker the process will move!
  5. After the Open Houses are complete and your application has been submitted, a Team Odyssey Partner will reach out to you regarding the next steps and sign up for placement events if applicable.
  6. For those of you contacted by Odyssey, we will hold placement events. Watch the Key Events section of the website for signup opportunities.
  7. If you have questions along the way, please send an email to HBTransition@odysseyconsult.com, or use the form at the bottom of the FAQ section.
  8. Check this website regularly for updates.

Apply Now!

We encourage you to apply for your new role with Team Odyssey by using the link to our HB jobs below. The process is quick and easy, with most applications taking less than five minutes to complete.

  1. First, search for the most appropriate position using the searchable Jobs Postings table below. Note that for ease of locating your current position, the table is searchable by title, HB program office, and location.
  2. Once you identify your position posting, click “Apply” and you will be taken to iCIMS (Odyssey’s Applicant Tracking System) where you’ll be able to create an account, upload your resume, and answer a few questions.
  3. After you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email.

To find your position below, you can filter the table by Program Office and / or Location, enter search terms in the Search field, and / or sort the table columns by clicking on the column headers.

We understand that the LCAT level you are currently familiar with may not map directly to the LCAT level on the new award. For your convenience, below is a cross reference mapping the old to the new. Please reach out to our HB transition team via email or contact form for assistance if you have any concerns or questions.

Old LCAT Level / New LCAT Level

III = Senior (SR)

II = Journeyman (JM)

I = Junior (JR)

Careers Posting TitleLCAT LevelIDProg. OfficeLocation
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3071HB HBAHanscom AFB
Journeyman Enterprise ArchitectJM2023-3084HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3086HB FOGHanscom AFB
Junior Program ManagerJR2023-3090HB HBAHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3093HB FOGHanscom AFB
Junior Enterprise ArchitectJR2023-3094HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Enterprise ArchitectSR2023-3095HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3097HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Enterprise ArchitectSR2023-3098HB HBAOffutt Air Force Base
Junior Environmental EngineerJR2023-3099HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Configuration ManagerJM2023-3100HB HBAHanscom AFB
Journeyman Configuration ManagerJM2023-3101HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Configuration ManagerJM2023-3102HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Journeyman Configuration ManagerJM2023-3103HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Configuration ManagerJM2023-3104HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Configuration ManagerJM2023-3105HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Configuration ManagerJM2023-3106HB HBIHanscom AFB
Journeyman Configuration ManagerJM2023-3107HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Configuration ManagerJM2023-3108HB HBSTinker AFB
Journeyman Configuration ManagerJM2023-3109HB HBUHanscom AFB
Junior Configuration ManagerJR2023-3111HB HBDHanscom AFB
Junior Configuration ManagerJR2023-3112HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Configuration ManagerSR2023-3115HB HBAOffutt Air Force Base
Senior Configuration ManagerSR2023-3117HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Configuration ManagerSR2023-3118HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior Configuration ManagerSR2023-3119HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior Configuration ManagerSR2023-3120HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Configuration ManagerSR2023-3121HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Configuration ManagerSR2023-3122HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Configuration ManagerSR2023-3123HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior Configuration ManagerSR2023-3124HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman General/Interdisciplinary EngineerJM2023-3125HB HBATinker AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3126HB HBAHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program Office Business Process SupportJM2023-3128HB HBIHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3129HB HBAOffutt Air Force Base
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3130HB HBATinker AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3131HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3132HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3133HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3134HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3135HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3136HB HBMHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3137HB HBMEglin AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3139HB HBMHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3140HB HBMHill AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3141HB HBSHanscom AFB
Program Office Business Process Support SMESME2023-3142HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3143HB HBSTinker AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3144HB HBUHanscom AFB
Program ManagerJM2023-3145HB HBUBarksdale AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3146HB HBUShaw AFB
Junior Program ManagerJR2023-3147HB HBATinker AFB
Junior Program ManagerJR2023-3148HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Junior Program ManagerJR2023-3149HB HBDHanscom AFB
Junior Program ManagerJR2023-3150HB HBGHanscom AFB
Junior Program ManagerJR2023-3151HB HBGHanscom AFB
Junior Program ManagerJR2023-3152HB HBMHanscom AFB
Junior Program ManagerJR2023-3153HB HBMHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3154HB HBAHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3155HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3156HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3157HB HBDHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3158HB HBIHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3159HB HBMHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3160HB HBMWright Patterson AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3161HB HBMEglin AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3162HB HBMHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3163HB HBMWright Patterson AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3164HB HBNBillerica, MA
Program Manager SMESME2023-3165HB HBSHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3166HB HBSHanscom AFB
Program Manager SMESME2023-3167HB HBUHanscom AFB
Journeyman General/Interdisciplinary EngineerJM2023-3168HB HBNBillerica, MA
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3169HB HBATinker AFB
Journeyman General/Interdisciplinary EngineerJM2023-3170HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman General/Interdisciplinary EngineerJM2023-3171HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3172HB HBAWashington D.C.
Journeyman General/Interdisciplinary EngineerJM2023-3173HB HBUShaw AFB
Senior General/Interdisciplinary EngineerSR2023-3174HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior General/Interdisciplinary EngineerSR2023-3175HB HBAOffutt Air Force Base
Senior General/Interdisciplinary EngineerSR2023-3178HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior General/Interdisciplinary EngineerSR2023-3179HB HBGLangley AFB
Senior General/Interdisciplinary EngineerSR2023-3180HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior General/Interdisciplinary EngineerSR2023-3181HB HBNBillerica, MA
Senior General/Interdisciplinary EngineerSR2023-3182HB HBSTinker AFB
Journeyman Contracting Support SpecialistJM2023-3187HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Contracting Support SpecialistSR2023-3188HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cost AnalystJM2023-3189HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cost AnalystJM2023-3190HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cost AnalystJM2023-3191HB HBUHanscom AFB
Junior Cost AnalystJR2023-3192HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Junior Cost AnalystJR2023-3193HB HBDHanscom AFB
Junior Cost AnalystJR2023-3194HB HBGHanscom AFB
Junior Cost AnalystJR2023-3195HB HBSHanscom AFB
Junior Cost AnalystJR2023-3196HB HBUHanscom AFB
Cost Analyst SMESME2023-3197HB FOGHanscom AFB
Cost Analyst SMESME2023-3198HB HBDHanscom AFB
Cost Analyst SMESME2023-3199HB HBIHanscom AFB
Cost Analyst SMESME2023-3200HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Cost AnalystSR2023-3201HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Cost AnalystSR2023-3202HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Cost AnalystSR2023-3203HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior Cost AnalystSR2023-3204HB HBMHanscom AFB
Program Office Business Process Support SMESME2023-3205HB HBGHanscom AFB
Program Office Business Process Support SMESME2023-3207HB HBNBillerica, MA
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3209HB HBAOffutt Air Force Base
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3210HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3211HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3212HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3213HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3214HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3215HB HBDTinker AFB
Program Office Business Process Support SMESME2023-3216HB HBSTinker AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3218HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3219HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3220HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3221HB HBMHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3222HB HBMLangley AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3223HB HBMScott AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3226HB HBMHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3227HB HBMLangley AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3228HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3229HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3230HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3231HB HBUKirtland AFB
Senior Program ManagerSR2023-3232HB HBUUS Army Garrison (USAG) DE
Senior Program Office Business Process SupportSR2023-3233HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Program Office Business Process SupportSR2023-3234HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program SchedulerJM2023-3235HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program SchedulerJM2023-3236HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program SchedulerJM2023-3237HB HBSTinker AFB
Journeyman Program SchedulerJM2023-3238HB HBSTinker AFB
Program Scheduler SMESME2023-3239HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Program SchedulerSR2023-3240HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Program SchedulerSR2023-3241HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Program SchedulerSR2023-3242HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Program SchedulerSR2023-3243HB HBNBillerica, MA
Senior Program SchedulerSR2023-3244HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Program SchedulerSR2023-3245HB HBSTinker AFB
Senior Program SchedulerSR2023-3246HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Program SchedulerSR2023-3247HB HBUHanscom AFB
Journeyman Equipment SpecialistJM2023-3249HB HBAHanscom AFB
Journeyman Equipment SpecialistJM2023-3250HB HBATinker AFB
Senior Equipment SpecialistSR2023-3251HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Equipment SpecialistSR2023-3252HB HBATinker AFB
Senior Equipment SpecialistSR2023-3253HB HBDTinker AFB
Senior Equipment SpecialistSR2023-3254HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Equipment SpecialistSR2023-3255HB HBSTinker AFB
Senior Facility Operations ManagerSR2023-3256HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Facility Operations ManagerSR2023-3257HB HBMHanscom AFB
Field Quality Control Specialist SMESME2023-3258HB HBUHanscom AFB
Journeyman Financial ManagerJM2023-3259HB HBAHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3260HB HBAOffutt Air Force Base
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3261HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3262HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3263HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Journeyman Public Affairs SpecialistJM2023-3264HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3265HB HBB/KRPeterson SFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3266HB HBDTinker AFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3267HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3268HB HBIHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3269HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3270HB HBUHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3271HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3272HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3273HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Cybersecurity EngineerJM2023-3274HB HBSTinker AFB
Journeyman Financial ManagerJM2023-3275HB HBAWashington D.C.
Financial ManagerJM2023-3276HB HBNWashington D.C.
Journeyman Financial ManagerJM2023-3277HB HBNBillerica, MA
Journeyman Financial ManagerJM2023-3278HB HBUHanscom AFB
Financial Manager SMESME2023-3279HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Financial Manager SMESME2023-3280HB HBGHanscom AFB
Financial Manager SMESME2023-3281HB HBIHanscom AFB
Financial Manager SMESME2023-3282HB HBMHanscom AFB
Financial Manager SMESME2023-3283HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Financial ManagerSR2023-3284HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Financial ManagerSR2023-3285HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Financial ManagerSR2023-3286HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Cybersecurity EngineerSR2023-3287HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Financial ManagerSR2023-3288HB HBDTinker AFB
Senior Financial ManagerSR2023-3289HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior Financial ManagerSR2023-3290HB HBSTinker AFB
Senior Financial ManagerSR2023-3291HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Cybersecurity EngineerSR2023-3292HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Cybersecurity EngineerSR2023-3293HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior Cybersecurity EngineerSR2023-3294HB HBSHanscom AFB
Flight Test Engineer SMESME2023-3295HB HBISeattle
Flight Test Engineer SMESME2023-3296HB HBITinker AFB
Senior Flight Test EngineerSR2023-3297HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior Cybersecurity EngineerSR2023-3298HB HBUHanscom AFB
Journeyman FMS Program Manager JM2023-3299HB HBIHanscom AFB
Journeyman FMS Program Manager JM2023-3300HB HBIHanscom AFB
Journeyman FMS Program Manager JM2023-3301HB HBNBillerica, MA
Journeyman FMS Program ManagerJM2023-3302HB HBNTaiwan
Senior Cybersecurity EngineerSR2023-3303HB HBDTinker AFB
Junior FMS Program ManagerJR2023-3304HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior FMS Program ManagerSR2023-3305HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior FMS Program ManagerSR2023-3306HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior FMS Program ManagerSR2023-3307HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior FMS Program ManagerSR2023-3308HB HBNBillerica, MA
Senior FMS Program ManagerSR2023-3309HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Cybersecurity EngineerSR2023-3310HB HBNBillerica, MA
Senior Cybersecurity EngineerSR2023-3312HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Cybersecurity EngineerSR2023-3313HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Cybersecurity EngineerSR2023-3314HB HBSHanscom AFB
Cybersecurity Engineer SMESME2023-3315HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Cybersecurity Engineer SMESME2023-3316HB HBSHanscom AFB
Cybersecurity Engineer SMESME2023-3317HB HBDHanscom AFB
Cybersecurity Engineer SMESME2023-3318HB HBUHanscom AFB
Cybersecurity Engineer SMESME2023-3319HB HBNBillerica, MA
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3320HB FOGHanscom AFB
Junior Cybersecurity EngineerJR2023-3321HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Junior Cybersecurity EngineerJR2023-3322HB HBGHanscom AFB
Junior Cybersecurity EngineerJR2023-3323HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Radar EngineerJM2023-3329HB HBDHanscom AFB
High Frequency Systems Engineer SMESME2023-3330HB HBDTinker AFB
Journeyman Human Resource Support SpecialistJM2023-3331HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Human Resource Support SpecialistJM2023-3332HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Human Resource Support SpecialistSR2023-3333HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Human Resource Support SpecialistSR2023-3334HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Human Resource Support SpecialistSR2023-3335HB HBMHanscom AFB
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3336HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3337HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3338HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3339HB HBDTinker AFB
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3340HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3341HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3342HB HBIHanscom AFB
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3343HB HBNBillerica, MA
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3344HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3345HB HBUHanscom AFB
Journeyman Logistics ManagerJM2023-3346HB HBSTinker AFB
Junior Logistics ManagerJM2023-3348HB HBDHanscom AFB
Junior Logistics ManagerJM2023-3349HB HBSHanscom AFB
Logistics Manager SMESME2023-3350HB HBMHanscom AFB
Logistics Manager SMESME2023-3351HB HBSHanscom AFB
Logistics Manager SMESME2023-3352HB HBITinker AFB
Logistics Manager SMESME2023-3353HB HBSTinker AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3354HB FOGTinker AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3355HB HBATinker AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3356HB HBITinker AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3357HB HBSTinker AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3358HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3359HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3360HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3361HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3362HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3363HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3364HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3365HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3366HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3367HB HBNBillerica, MA
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3368HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior Logistics ManagerSR2023-3369HB HBIJoint Base San Antonio (JBSA)
Journeyman Security AssistantJM2023-3370HB FOGHanscom AFB
Senior Radar EngineerSR2023-3371HB HBNBillerica, MA
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3372HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Radar EngineerSR2023-3373HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Security AssistantJM2023-3374HB HBAHanscom AFB
Journeyman Security AssistantJM2023-3375HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3376HB HBAOffutt Air Force Base
Journeyman Security AssistantJM2023-3377HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Security AssistantJM2023-3378HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3379HB HBATinker AFB
Journeyman Security AssistantJM2023-3380HB HBUHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3382HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3383HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3384HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3385HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3386HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3387HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3388HB HBIHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3389HB HBNBillerica, MA
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3390HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3391HB HBUBarksdale AFB
Journeyman Systems EngineerJM2023-3392HB HBUHanscom AFB
Junior Systems EngineerJR2023-3393HB HBDHanscom AFB
Junior Systems EngineerJR2023-3394HB HBGHanscom AFB
Junior Systems EngineerJR2023-3395HB HBGHanscom AFB
Systems Engineer SMESME2023-3396HB HBAHanscom AFB
Systems Engineer SMESME2023-3397HB HBGHanscom AFB
Systems Engineer SMESME2023-3398HB HBIHanscom AFB
Systems Engineer SMESME2023-3399HB HBSHanscom AFB
Systems Engineer SMESME2023-3400HB HBSHanscom AFB
Systems Engineer SMESME2023-3401HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3402HB FOGHanscom AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3403HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3404HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3405HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3406HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3407HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3408HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3409HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3410HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3411HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3412HB HBNBillerica, MA
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3413HB HBNTaiwan
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3414HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3415HB HBSTinker AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3416HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Systems EngineerSR2023-3417HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Systems Safety EngineerSR2023-3418HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Systems Security EngineerSR2023-3419HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Systems Security EngineerSR2023-3420HB HBNBillerica, MA
Junior Security AssistantJR2023-3421HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Security Assistant SMESME2023-3422HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Senior Security AssistantSR2023-3423HB FOGHanscom AFB
Senior Security AssistantSR2023-3424HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Security AssistantSR2023-3425HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior Security AssistantSR2023-3426HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Security AssistantSR2023-3427HB HBDTinker AFB
Senior Security AssistantSR2023-3428HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Security AssistantSR2023-3429HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior Security AssistantSR2023-3430HB HBMHanscom AFB
Senior Security AssistantSR2023-3431HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Security AssistantSR2023-3432HB HBUHanscom AFB
Acquisition Intelligence Support Specialist (Senior)SR2023-3433HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3434HB HBAHanscom AFB
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3436HB HBAOffutt Air Force Base
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3437HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3438HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3439HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3440HB HBMHanscom AFB
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3441HB HBNBillerica, MA
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3442HB HBNSaudi Arabia (KSA)
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3443HB HBNTaiwan
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3444HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Administrative Support SpecialistJM2023-3445HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3446HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3447HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3448HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3449HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3450HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3451HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3452HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3453HB HBMHanscom AFB
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3454HB HBNBillerica, MA
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3455HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Administrative Support SpecialistSR2023-3456HB HBUHanscom AFB
Agile DEVSECOPS Systems Engineer (SME)SME2023-3457HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Agile DEVSECOPS Systems Engineer SMESME2023-3458HB HBGHanscom AFB
Agile DEVSECOPS Systems Engineer SMESME2023-3459HB HBMHanscom AFB
Airborne Radar Engineer SMESME2023-3460HB HBSHanscom AFB
Airworthiness/Aerosystems Engineer SMESME2023-3461HB HBSHanscom AFB
Chaos Engineer SMESME2023-3462HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management Avionics Engineer SMESME2023-3463HB HBAHanscom AFB
Journeyman Civil EngineerJM2023-3466HB HBNBillerica, MA
Senior Civil EngineerSR2023-3467HB HBNBillerica, MA
Journeyman Applications Software EngineerJM2023-3469HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Communications EngineerSR2023-3470HB HBSHanscom AFB
TACP SpecialistJM2023-3472HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Technical Data ManagerSR2023-3473HB HBATinker AFB
Journeyman Technical WriterJM2023-3474HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Journeyman Technical WriterJM2023-3475HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Technical WriterJM2023-3476HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Technical WriterSR2023-3477HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Technical WriterSR2023-3478HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Telecommunications ManagerSR2023-3479HB HBDTinker AFB
Journeyman Services Automation EngineerJM2023-3482HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Journeyman Software EngineerJM2023-3483HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Software EngineerJM2023-3484HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Software EngineerJM2023-3485HB HBNBillerica, MA
Journeyman Software EngineerJM2023-3486HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Software EngineerJM2023-3487HB HBSTinker AFB
Senior Software EngineerSR2023-3488HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Software EngineerSR2023-3489HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Senior Software EngineerSR2023-3490HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Software EngineerSR2023-3491HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Software EngineerSR2023-3492HB HBSHanscom AFB
Software Product Manager SMESME2023-3493HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Special Security RepresentativeJM2023-3494HB HBSTinker AFB
Senior Sustainment Engineer (HW-SW)SR2023-3495HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems AdministratorJM2023-3496HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems AdministratorJM2023-3497HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Systems AdministratorSR2023-3498HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Systems AdministratorSR2023-3499HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Systems AnalystJM2023-3500HB HBAHanscom AFB
Test and Requirements Manager - Security Forces SMESME2023-3501HB HBUHanscom AFB
Journeyman Test EngineerJM2023-3502HB HBIHanscom AFB
Journeyman Test EngineerJM2023-3503HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Test EngineerSR2023-3504HB HBAHanscom AFB
Data Center SpecialistJM2023-3505HB HBAOffutt Air Force Base
Program Control SMESME2023-3506HB HBIHanscom AFB
Senior Test EngineerSR2023-3507HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Test EngineerSR2023-3508HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Data ManagerJM2023-3509HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Test EngineerSR2023-3510HB HBGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Data ManagerJM2023-3511HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Test EngineerSR2023-3512HB HBUHanscom AFB
Journeyman Data ManagerJM2023-3513HB HBUHanscom AFB
Journeyman Data ManagerJM2023-3514HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Junior Data ManagerJR2023-3515HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Test ManagerJM2023-3516HB HBAHanscom AFB
Journeyman Test ManagerJM2023-3517HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Journeyman Product DesignerJM2023-3518HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Junior Data ManagerJR2023-3519HB HBSHanscom AFB
Journeyman Test ManagerJM2023-3520HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Test ManagerJM2023-3521HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Data ManagerSR2023-3522HB HBAHanscom AFB
Senior Test ManagerSR2023-3523HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior Data ManagerSR2023-3524HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Senior Data ManagerSR2023-3525HB HBGHanscom AFB
Senior Test ManagerSR2023-3526HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Data ManagerSR2023-3527HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Test ManagerSR2023-3528HB HBMEglin AFB
Senior Test ManagerSR2023-3529HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Data ManagerSR2023-3530HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Test ManagerSR2023-3531HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Data ManagerSR2023-3532HB HBNBillerica, MA
Journeyman Process EngineerJM2023-3533HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Avionics Integration EngineerSR2023-3534HB HBSLangley AFB
Journeyman Air Operations Center (AOC) EngineerJM2023-3535HB HBB/KRKessel Run
Journeyman Air Operations Center (AOC) EngineerJM2023-3536HB HBB/KRJoint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Journeyman Electrical EngineerJM2023-3537HB HBDTinker AFB
Senior Electrical EngineerSR2023-3538HB HBATinker AFB
Policy Board on Federal Aviation (PBFA) Specialist SMESME2023-3539HB HBAWashington D.C.
Directorate Level Graphics Designer SMESME2023-3540HB FOGHanscom AFB
Journeyman Logistics Specialist - EditorJM2023-3541HB HBATinker AFB
Journeyman Logistics Support Technical Order ManagerJM2023-3542HB HBDHanscom AFB
Senior Logistics Support Technical Order ManagerSR2023-3543HB HBGHanscom AFB
Training ManagerJM2023-3545HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Senior Training ManagerSR2023-3546HB HBB/KRLangley AFB
Journeyman Training ManagerJM2023-3547HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Training ManagerSR2023-3548HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Network Services EngineerJM2023-3549HB HBDHanscom AFB
Journeyman Network Services EngineerJM2023-3551HB HBGHanscom AFB
Network Services Engineer SMESME2023-3552HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Network Services Engineer SMESME2023-3553HB HBUHanscom AFB
Network Services Engineer SMESME2023-3554HB HBUHanscom AFB
Senior Network Services EngineerSR2023-3555HB HBMHill AFB
Senior Network Services EngineerSR2023-3556HB HBNBillerica, MA
Operational C2 Fielder SMESME2023-3558HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Operational C2 Fielder SMESME2023-3559HB HBGHanscom AFB
Operational C2 Fielder SMESME2023-3560HB HBB/KRPeterson SFB
Operational C2 Manager SMESME2023-3561HB HBB/KRHanscom AFB
Operational C2 Manager SMESME2023-3562HB HBGHanscom AFB
Operational C2 Manager SMESME2023-3563HB HBNBillerica, MA
In-Country Japan Logistics Support Services E-767 AWACS Specialist SMESME2023-3564HB HBIJapan Air Self Defense Force Hamamatsu Base
Senior Mechanical EngineerSR2023-3565HB HBATinker AFB
Meteorologist SMESME2023-3566HB HBAHanscom AFB
In-Country Saudi Arabia AWACS RAMP Specialist SMESME2023-3567HB HBISaudi Arabia (KSA)
Junior Program ManagerJR2023-3582HB HBSHanscom AFB
Senior Facility Operations ManagerSR2023-3607HB HBAHanscom AFB
Journeyman Program ManagerJM2023-3608HB HBATinker AFB

Contract Scope

The EPASS contract provides highly qualified talent in support of the collective Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) mission responsibility to manage and execute the modernization, development, testing, production, fielding, and sustainment of the PEO Digital portfolio.

HB EPASS contract start date is 18 July 2023, with work being performed at the following locations:

CONUS Locations
Barksdale Air Force Base
Billerica, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts
Eglin Air Force Base
Hanscom Air Force Base
Hill Air Force Base
Kirtland Air Force Base
Langley Air Force Base
National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC)
Offutt Air Force Base

CONUS Locations, continued
Palmdale, California
Peterson Space Force Base
Robins Air Force Base
San Antonio, Texas
Scott Air Force Base
Seattle, Washington
Shaw Air Force Base
Tinker Air Force Base
Washington, D.C.
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

OCONUS Locations
Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar
Hamamatsu Air Base, Japan
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Oahu, Hawaii
US Army Garrison, Stuttgart, Germany

If you were unable to attend an in-person or virtual placement event, please make sure you have applied to your position and a recruiter will reach out to you directly. If you have any questions or concerns about your placement with Odyssey (or any of our teammates), please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Note for HBZ employees—the HBZ portion of the HB contract will begin in the first quarter 2024. We will be in contact with employees who currently support this unit in the near future to begin transition activities.

Key Events

22nd, 23rd, 24th May:
In-Person Placement Events


25 May: Virtual Placement Events


Offers to Incumbents Ongoing Through Mid-June

20 June: Odyssey HR Team to Begin Contacting Employees to Start Onboarding Process

18 July: Contract Start Date

18-20 July: Employee Orientation Sessions

Thanks to those of you who were able to attend our open house events. For those who could not attend, please see the presentation and video below.

Open House Presentation
View the PDF

Open House Video

About Odyssey

Hire Vets LogoFor over 25 years, Odyssey Systems Consulting Group, Ltd. (Odyssey) has been helping Government leaders think ahead and accelerate capability. We are an innovative small business providing high-quality technical, analytical, management, administrative, and training support services for government and private sector customers. Odyssey builds, secures, and integrates capabilities and technologies to meet tomorrow’s mission requirements. Odyssey is proud to deliver exceptional services to our customers while empowering our employees. Our employees—past and present, new and tenured—are the backbone of our company.

We are honored to be PEO Digital’s selected support provider on this HB EPASS contract. Odyssey is proud to have had a consistent presence and partnership of service with PEO Digital and the Hanscom community since our inception in 1997. We are very appreciative of the critical role our EPASS team will provide to this important mission area, where we will help PEO Digital deliver on their mission responsibility to manage and execute the modernization, development, testing, production, fielding, and sustainment of programs and efforts focused on automating and accelerating Command, Control and Digital operations to make the world safer for the Joint Force, our allies and great nation.

Thank you for being part of this continuing legacy!


Application Process

Q. I have not been contacted by anyone regarding my position on the HB contract. When will I be contacted?
Team Odyssey is in the process of contacting all incumbents. If you have not been contacted by Odyssey or one of our partners, please send an email to HBTransition@odysseyconsult.com and one of our members will contact you immediately regarding your concern. It is our intention to have contacted everyone at this point and factors such as erroneous email, TDY without access to emails, and PTO could be precluding us from making contact.

Q. I attended a placement event with Odyssey—why have I not received an offer letter?
Odyssey is working diligently to ensure all incumbents who attended a placement event receive their offer letters in a timely manner. If you are awaiting an offer, please be patient as our integrated Transition team is reviewing each individual situation thoroughly. There are several circumstances that require additional coordination with the Government to ensure position requirements are aligned appropriately to the follow on contract. In other cases, there are unique personal circumstances. We are working our best to accommodate or answer specific questions or requests, which takes time. Please bear in mind that our contract transition plan requires release of incumbent offer letters by June 15th, so we are well ahead of that timeline and working very expeditiously to ensure offers are in hand as soon as possible, well in advance of that date. If you are concerned about your specific situation, please reach out by emailing us at: HBTransition@odysseyconsult.com.

Q. I am having an issue finding the correct position to apply to. How can I find it?

  • Search for the position closest to the one you currently hold. There may be terminology changes from one contract to the next that could lead to confusion, so find the position best matches your current position.
  • The table is searchable by Program Office, Location, Position Title, and Labor Category Level.
  • If you are not able to find your position, apply to the position that most closely matches. Our TA team will work with you to ensure you get to the correct position.
  • When in doubt, contact us at HBTransition@odysseyconsult or by using the form at the bottom of this section.

Q. When I attempt to apply for a position and enter my email address I get a failure message via captcha. 
If you are using a government computer to apply, you may get this message and have to try to apply another way. This is related to security measures beyond Odyssey’s control. It is recommended that you use your personal computer or smartphone to apply. If you are having issues using your personal computer, please try the following measures:

  • If you’re seeing the “ReCAPTCHA failed” message on the screen when you input your email address, make sure that you’re typing it into the field manually instead copy/pasting
  • Check to see if you have the DoD VPN on
  • Check to see if JavaScript is enabled in the browser
  • Are there any conflicting plugins?
  • Try to use a “clean” version of chrome for accessing any troublesome websites

Pay / Timesheets

Q. How often are Odyssey employees paid?
We are paid biweekly, every two weeks on a Friday, 26 paychecks a year.

Q. When does the timesheet week start?
Timesheets for each work week begin on Monday and close each Sunday. Employees must complete, sign, and submit timesheets weekly.

Q. How often do I have to input my time?
For compliance purposes, employees must enter time daily. Timesheets must be signed at the end of each work week. Timesheet signature is requested by end of day Friday to allow for timely timesheet approvals to take place. Timesheets must be signed no later than Sunday if weekend work is performed.

Q. What systems will I use to track my time?
We use Deltek Costpoint for our timekeeping system. A link and login information is provided to all onboarding employees.

Q. When will I be eligible to receive my first review and potential merit increase from Odyssey?
Regardless of hire date, Odyssey’s review cycle for all employees begins in January of every calendar year and concludes in April. If you are hired before October of 2023 you will be eligible for a review and potential merit increase in April 2024. Merit increase amounts may vary and are based on employee performance which will be discussed at the time of your annual review.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Q. How does PTO accrual work at Odyssey?
Odyssey provides PTO to eligible employees. Once accrued, PTO provides all full-time and part-time employees with paid time away from work that can be used for any reason, including vacation, personal time, illness, or time off to care for dependents. PTO is accrued every two weeks.

Q. Will my PTO from my current company carry over?
No, PTO from your former employer will not carry over at Odyssey

Q. If I have a trip scheduled for summer 2023, can I still take it?
Employees may, with the approval of their Odyssey direct supervisor, take up to forty (40) hours of advance PTO prior to the accrual of PTO. Advance PTO is limited to no more than forty (40) hours and may not be used to exceed the employee’s annual accrual rate.

Q. Can I buy additional PTO?
No, you cannot purchase additional PTO.

Q. If I don’t take PTO, does it carry over or do I lose it?
Employees are able to accrue and rollover PTO up to a maximum of 160 hours (20 days) at any one time, and/or from one Odyssey fiscal year to the next. Once an employee has reached 160 hours of PTO, no further time will be accrued or carried over fiscal years until the balance falls below 160 hours.

Q. Can I take Leave Without Pay (LWOP)?
LWOP can be requested and may be allowed for emergency medical leave for up to eight weeks. Appropriate Medical documentation must accompany the request and be confidentially provided to the appropriate Odyssey POCS to support the approval process.

Employee Benefits

Q. If I want to enroll in the FSA with Odyssey, does my contribution limit reset?
FSA funds are associated with the employer plan and not with the individual employee. This means that you can elect the full IRS limit amount with Odyssey, regardless of what you may have contributed to your FSA at your previous employer.

Q. Do you offer a company match on 401k?
Yes, Odyssey matches 40% for up to 10% of employee 401k contributions.

Q. When will my employee benefits start? 
Employee benefits will start on your hire date. Employees have 31 days to enroll / waive all benefits. If you elect benefits after your first day, they will still become active on your date of hire.

Q. Am I eligible for benefits?
Benefit eligibility of Odyssey employees is based on number of hours worked and can be discussed further with Odyssey Human. Resources.

Q. Do you offer Tricare Supplement Insurance?
Yes, this helps offset your Tricare deductible and other associated costs.

Q. What company perks do you offer?
EAP (Employee Assistance Program), Pet Insurance, Tickets at work & Benefithub (discounts for various activities), Travel assistance, Medicare assistance.

Q. Do you offer continuing education opportunities?
Yes, after six months of continuous employment you are eligible for up to $5,000 per calendar year for continuing education and certificates, professional dues, etc. Education benefit requests must be submitted and approved in advance, with proof of successful completion.

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