System Solutions
Products and Services

System Solutions
Products and Services

The Odyssey Solutions Group develops product-based agile solutions designed to exceed government requirements and standards, with flexibility to be adapted for future needs. The result is higher quality, lower cost solutions that can be delivered quickly to the warfighter. Our core products and services include:

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From intel request to mission complete, the LINX Mission Collaboration Suite features an intuitive, browser-based workflow, tools and visualization allow for real-time allocation, scheduling, execution, tracking and reporting on all Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) air / ground missions, intelligence, assets, and personnel.

  • Strategic Asset Allocation & Tracking
  • Global Force Posture & Readiness
  • Intelligence Collection & Management
  • Air Operations Management
  • Ground Operations Management
  • Ops / Intel Analysis & Reporting
  • Artificial Intelligence Aided Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) (in-development)


Rapidly Adaptable Cross Domain Solution (CDS)

Silent Shield

Cellular Network Exploitation


Persistent Wide Area Surveillance

  • Aerostat, Tower, UAV, FOB Security Packages


Multi-Domain Awareness, Command, Control & Analysis

  • Multi-INT Payload Command and Control / PED


Training / Certification Tracking


Our wide range of capabilities includes Program Management, Engineering and Platform Integration, Specialty Engineering, Test & Evaluation, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Digital Engineering, Acquisition Management, Integrated Logistics Support, Software Development, Research & Development, Clinical Research, Support Services, Financial Management, Information Technology, Training, and Information Assurance / Risk Management.

Medical Research Support
Space & Missile Defense
System Solutions