Battle Management Foreign Military Sales (AFLCMC/HBSI & AFLCMC/HBN)

Sept 18, 2015 – Odyssey Awarded Battle Management Directorate Staff, Force Protection Division, and Operational Command and Control Division (AFLCMC/HB/HBU/HBB)

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center announced Odyssey Systems Consulting Group as the winner of the Battle Management Directorate Staff (AFLCMC/HB), Force Protection Division (AFLCMC/HBU) and Operational Command and Control Division (AFLCMC/HBB) Task Order as part of the PASS II contract.

The Battle Management Directorate’s mission is to rapidly develop, acquire and field Battle Management capabilities worldwide, to enable aerospace management and superiority, precision engagement, global attack, dominant maneuver and homeland defense across a wide spectrum of battle management and communications and control weapon systems. Work will be performed at Hanscom AFB, MA and Langley AFB, VA.