February 1, 2024

Odyssey Alcon Web Page…

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Visit UKG Pro to update your current benefits selections. Log into UKG Pro, go to Myself, then scroll down and click Manage My Benefits

Visit the Odyssey Benefits Site to review and compare the different benefits options that are available for you and your family.

Open Enrollment (January 22 through February 9) will be the only time this year outside of a life event* when you’ll be able to update or otherwise make changes to employee benefits selections like medical insurance, dental insurance, HSA / FSA plans, etc.

Ask HR logoBe sure to review your benefits selections today so you and your family are covered for all of your adventures in 2024! As always, if you have questions about anything related to employee benefits… Ask HR! (email: benefits@odysseyconsult.com).

Please note: Open Enrollment will be passive for 2024. If you don’t want to make any changes to your benefit plans, you do not need to do anything with the exception that you MUST still actively re-enroll in FSA and Dependent Care accounts (if participating).

*Examples of life events are birth of a child, marriage, etc.

Updating Your Odyssey Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook

With the migration behind us, we need to address our email signatures. Maintaining a cohesive visual identity is important to helping present a positive perception of Odyssey for our customers and partners in the marketplace. One easy way we can do this is to have Email signature blocks that are consistent across the organization. Please click below for instruction on how to create your email signature in the new Microsoft Outlook email environment.

EM Signature ECU

NEW Odyssey University at UKG Pro

All mandatory training will now be accessed through UKG Pro (as opposed to Project Odyssey). Although we don’t anticipate any issues, if your training is up to date and the system sends you a notice to re-take any training modules, please reach out to HR.

Plans are in the works to develop customizable employee learning and development tracks for all who work at Odyssey. In addition, Odyssey University will feature a robust training catalogue and management tools for required training and optional training for employee professional development.

To see currently available options at Odyssey University, go to UKG Pro and scroll down to the Odyssey University Tab.

Odyssey U Icon

NEW HR Service Delivery at UKG Pro

HR has started moving forms & documentation from Project Odyssey to a new HR Service Delivery Module at UKG. The items below have already made the move and can be found on UKG at the locations noted. We’ll post here as additional HR documents are moved to UKG.

The Odyssey Employee Handbook, and all other
HR Policies & Procedures Documents

Where Were They?

Project Odyssey > Human Resources, Company Policies & Forms

Where Are They Now?

UKG Pro’s HR Service Delivery Module,
Odyssey Handbook Tab

Cybersecurity Documents

Where Were They?

Project Odyssey > Human Resources, Company Policies & Forms

Where Are They Now?

UKG Pro’s HR Service Delivery Module,
Cybersecurity Tab

Timecard Documents

Where Were They?

Project Odyssey > Timecards & Related

Where Are They Now?

UKG Pro’s HR Service Delivery Module,
Payroll and Timekeeping Tab

Update or Upload Your Resume at the New iCIMS Web Portal!

Odyssey needs your help to showcase the talent of our current workforce and to help with future Business Development efforts. Update or upload your resume in the new Odyssey iCIMS Portal! Use your existing iCIMS account or create one using the button below, then from iCIMS click on Update Your Profile to upload or update your resume today!

iCIMS icon

Sign Up for ERIN!

ERIN is more than just our new Employee Referral Invitation Network! Log in and set up your profile to grow your career at Odyssey. ERIN features an Internal Mobility tool that you can use to customize your profile and find internal roles that fit your experience. You can browse openings by location, business unit, or required skills to find your next step at Odyssey!

Employee Referral Invitation Network

Microsoft Migration

The Microsoft Migration is now complete! All emails and files have been successfully moved to the new Microsoft environment. If you haven’t already, please refer to the guides available at the Odyssey Help Desk Web Site to get started with the new environment.

Here are some issues you might run into:

  • Not logging in to your Odyssey-provided computer with your new credentials (this is applicable only to those with an Odyssey-provided computer).
  • Not logging in using a separate Microsoft Edge Profile.
  • Not following the Microsoft Migration Checklist.

You can access the Help Desk Web Site to review the Microsoft Migration Checklist for help working in the new environment.

If you run into issues while signing in to the Help Desk, please refer to this Help Desk article for guidance. If you still are unable to log in, contact the help desk using the chat feature located at the bottom right corner of the Help Desk Web Site, or call / text the Help Desk at 978.906.0978.