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PTO For Full-Time Employees

It’s important to strike the right work-life balance to stay happy and healthy. To help, full-time Odyssey employees can take advantage of 160 hours per year during their first six years of employment. During employment years seven through ten, the company provides 180 hours per year to full-time employees. From year ten on, employees receive 200 hours per year.

Note: Employees are able to accrue and rollover PTO up to a maximum of 160 hours (20 days) at any one time, and / or from one Odyssey fiscal year to the next.

PTO Accrual Rates

Regular, full-time employees accrue PTO at the following rates for hours worked:

1-6 years 160 Hours Annually (6.154 hours per pay period)
7-10 years 180 Hours Annually (6.923 hours per pay period)
10+ years 200 Hours Annually (7.692 hours per pay period)

PTO For Part-Time Employees

PTO is pro-rated for part-time employees.

Other Employee Leave Options

Please refer to the Odyssey employee handbook for other leave options, including:

  • Jury Duty
  • Bereavement
  • Military Leave
  • Medical Leave

Review the linked list of observed holidays for more information.


Observed Federal Holidays


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