Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

About EmployeeConnect

Life has its share of ups and downs—and sometimes you may need a little guidance through the “downs.” EmployeeConnect offers an array of confidential services to help you and your loved ones meet the challenges that life, work, and relationships can bring.

EmployeeConnect Is:

  • Company sponsored—provided 24 / 7 at no charge to you
  • Strictly confidential

EmployeeConnect Provides:

  • Unlimited phone access to legal, financial, and work-life services
  • In-person help with short term issues
  • Up to five* sessions per person, per issue, per year

*In California, up to three sessions in six months, starting with initial contact by employee.

GuidanceResources.com offers a wide range of information and resources that you can research and access on your own:

  • Articles and tutorials
  • Streaming videos
  • Interactive tools—including financial calculators, budgeting spreadsheets, and a language translator

You also can speak with an EmployeeConnect specialist: 888.628.4824

  • EmployeeConnect counselors are experienced and credentialed. When you call our toll-free line, you’ll talk to an experienced professional who will provide counseling, work / life advice, and referrals. All counselors hold master’s degrees, with broad-based clinical skills and at least three years of experience in counseling.

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