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Founded by a Brown University-trained physician as a way to make transitions to Medicare easy, Doctor’s Choice is the premier service advocate for Medicare, delivering best-in-class service to seniors before, during, and after their transition to Medicare. Offering coverage across the country from the most reputable companies, we provide concierge-level service and healthcare advocacy to our members for life.

Join Doctor’s Choice for a Mastering Medicare Webinar

Date: Thursday May 9, 2024
Time: 12:00pm Eastern Time

It’s important to understand healthcare options especially as they relate to retirement. Join Doctor’s Choice for a 1-hour online workshop designed to help individuals navigate Medicare.

This session is recommended for Odyssey employees, or for anyone guiding loved ones through the Medicare planning process. The webinar will cover the many aspects of Medicare that you will need to know for retirement healthcare planning.

The Workshop Objectives Are:

  • Learn the ABCDs of Medicare and how they relate to you
  • Understand the most important considerations in Medicare planning
  • Understand coverage gaps and how to fill them
  • Know when and how to enroll
  • Explore the one big decision every retiree needs to make

We look forward to seeing you online!

To schedule a confidential, no-cost appointment to understand your Medicare options, call Doctor’s Choice at: 800.656.0894

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